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Essam M. Wahba
Essam M. Wahba
Faculty of Engineering, Alexandria University, Egypt
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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Multiplicity of states for two-sided and four-sided lid driven cavity flows
EM Wahba
Computers & Fluids 38 (2), 247-253, 2009
Runge–Kutta time‐stepping schemes with TVD central differencing for the water hammer equations
EM Wahba
International journal for numerical methods in fluids 52 (5), 571-590, 2006
Steady flow simulations inside a driven cavity up to Reynolds number 35,000
EM Wahba
Computers & fluids 66, 85-97, 2012
A coupled FE and CFD approach to predict the cutting tool temperature profile in machining
S Pervaiz, I Deiab, EM Wahba, A Rashid, M Nicolescu
Procedia CIRP 17, 750-754, 2014
Modelling the attenuation of laminar fluid transients in piping systems
EM Wahba
Applied Mathematical Modelling 32 (12), 2863-2871, 2008
Aerodynamic drag reduction for ground vehicles using lateral guide vanes
EM Wahba, H Al-Marzooqi, M Shaath, M Shahin, T El-Dhmashawy
CFD letters 4 (2), 68-79, 2012
Numerical simulations of incompressible aerodynamic flows using viscous/inviscid interaction procedures
M Hafez, A Shatalov, E Wahba
Computer methods in applied mechanics and engineering 195 (23-24), 3110-3127, 2006
Non-Newtonian fluid hammer in elastic circular pipes: Shear-thinning and shear-thickening effects
EM Wahba
Journal of Non-Newtonian Fluid Mechanics 198, 24-30, 2013
Turbulence modeling for two-dimensional water hammer simulations in the low Reynolds number range
EM Wahba
Computers & Fluids 38 (9), 1763-1770, 2009
Iterative solvers and inflow boundary conditions for plane sudden expansion flows
EM Wahba
Applied mathematical modelling 31 (11), 2553-2563, 2007
A novel numerical modeling approach to determine the temperature distribution in the cutting tool using conjugate heat transfer (CHT) analysis
S Pervaiz, I Deiab, E Wahba, A Rashid, CM Nicolescu
The International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology 80, 1039-1047, 2015
On the performance of air-lift pumps: from analytical models to large eddy simulation
EM Wahba, MA Gadalla, D Abueidda, A Dalaq, H Hafiz, K Elawadi, R Issa
Journal of Fluids Engineering 136 (11), 111301, 2014
A numerical and experimental study to investigate convective heat transfer and associated cutting temperature distribution in single point turning
S Pervaiz, I Deiab, E Wahba, A Rashid, M Nicolescu
The International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology 94, 897-910, 2018
Simulations of viscous transonic flows over lifting airfoils and wings
M Hafez, E Wahba
Computers & fluids 36 (1), 39-52, 2007
Numerical and experimental analysis of turbulent flow and heat transfer of minimum quantity lubrication in a turning process using discrete phase model
W El-Bouri, I Deiab, K Khanafer, E Wahba
International Communications in Heat and Mass Transfer 104, 23-32, 2019
Lattice Boltzmann simulations of the capillary pressure bump phenomenon in heterogeneous porous media
HA Warda, SH Haddara, EM Wahba, M Sedahmed
Journal of Petroleum Science and Engineering 157, 558-569, 2017
Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) simulation of liquid column separation in pipe transients
HA Warda, EM Wahba, MS El-Din
Alexandria Engineering Journal 59 (5), 3451-3462, 2020
Multiphase flow modeling and optimization for online wash systems of gas turbines
EM Wahba, H Nawar
Applied Mathematical Modelling 37 (14-15), 7549-7560, 2013
On the propagation and attenuation of turbulent fluid transients in circular pipes
EM Wahba
Journal of Fluids Engineering 138 (3), 031106, 2016
On the two-dimensional characteristics of laminar fluid transients in viscoelastic pipes
EM Wahba
Journal of Fluids and Structures 68, 113-124, 2017
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