Marc van Essen
Marc van Essen
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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Doing more with less: Innovation input and output in family firms
P Duran, N Kammerlander, M Van Essen, T Zellweger
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Business group affiliation, performance, context, and strategy: A meta-analysis
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Assessing managerial power theory: A meta-analytic approach to understanding the determinants of CEO compensation
M Van Essen, J Otten, EJ Carberry
Journal of Management 41 (1), 164-202, 2015
Meta-analyzing ownership concentration and firm performance in Asia: Towards a more fine-grained understanding
PP Heugens, M Van Essen, JH van Oosterhout
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Does “Good” Corporate Governance Help in a Crisis? The Impact of Country‐and Firm‐Level Governance Mechanisms in the E uropean Financial Crisis
M Van Essen, PJ Engelen, M Carney
Corporate Governance: An International Review 21 (3), 201-224, 2013
What do we know about private family firms? A meta–analytical review
M Carney, M Van Essen, ER Gedajlovic, PP Heugens
Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice 39 (3), 513-544, 2015
Cultural distance and firm internationalization: A meta-analytical review and theoretical implications
S Beugelsdijk, T Kostova, VE Kunst, E Spadafora, M Van Essen
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Underpricing of IPOs: Firm-, issue-and country-specific characteristics
PJ Engelen, M Van Essen
Journal of Banking & Finance 34 (8), 1958-1969, 2010
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JL Arregle, P Duran, MA Hitt, M Van Essen
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M van Essen, M Carney, ER Gedajlovic, PP Heugens
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M Van Essen, JH van Oosterhout, M Carney
Asia Pacific Journal of Management 29 (4), 873-905, 2012
Home country institutions and the internationalization-performance relationship: A meta-analytic review
V Marano, JL Arregle, MA Hitt, E Spadafora, M Van Essen
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An institution-based view of executive compensation: A multilevel meta-analytic test
M Van Essen, PP Heugens, J Otten, JH van Oosterhout
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Strategic CSR: A concept building meta‐analysis
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Corporate governance in China: A meta‐analysis
CC Mutlu, M Van Essen, MW Peng, SF Saleh, P Duran
Journal of Management Studies 55 (6), 943-979, 2018
Competition and cooperation in corporate governance: The effects of labor institutions on blockholder effectiveness in 23 European countries
M van Essen, J Van Oosterhout, PP Heugens
Organization Science 24 (2), 530-551, 2013
State ownership and political connections
L Tihanyi, RV Aguilera, P Heugens, M van Essen, S Sauerwald, P Duran, ...
Journal of Management 45 (6), 2293-2321, 2019
The construct of institutional distance through the lens of different institutional perspectives: Review, analysis, and recommendations
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Family firms, internationalization, and national competitiveness: Does family firm prevalence matter?
M Carney, P Duran, M Van Essen, D Shapiro
Journal of Family Business Strategy 8 (3), 123-136, 2017
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