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Alexandra Pavlova
Alexandra Pavlova
Research Fellow, School of Biological Sciences, Monash University
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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Using genomics to characterize evolutionary potential for conservation of wild populations
KA Harrisson, A Pavlova, M Telonis‐Scott, P Sunnucks
Evolutionary Applications 7 (9), 1008-1025, 2014
Evolutionary refugia and ecological refuges: key concepts for conserving Australian arid zone freshwater biodiversity under climate change
J Davis, A Pavlova, R Thompson, P Sunnucks
Global change biology 19 (7), 1970-1984, 2013
Severe consequences of habitat fragmentation on genetic diversity of an endangered Australian freshwater fish: A call for assisted gene flow
A Pavlova, LB Beheregaray, R Coleman, D Gilligan, KA Harrisson, ...
Evolutionary Applications 10 (6), 531-550, 2017
Positive and purifying selection in mitochondrial genomes of a bird with mitonuclear discordance
HE Morales, A Pavlova, L Joseph, P Sunnucks
Molecular Ecology 24 (11), 2820-2837, 2015
Phylogeographic Patterns in Motacilla Flava and Motacilla Citreola: Species Limits and Population History
A Pavlova, RM Zink, SV Drovetski, Y Red'kin, S Rohwer
The Auk 120 (3), 744-758, 2003
Perched at the mito-nuclear crossroads: divergent mitochondrial lineages correlate with environment in the face of ongoing nuclear gene flow in an Australian bird
A Pavlova, JN Amos, L Joseph, K Loynes, JJ Austin, JS Keogh, GN Stone, ...
Evolution 67 (12), 3412-3428, 2013
Integrating mitochondrial aerobic metabolism into ecology and evolution
RE Koch, KL Buchanan, S Casagrande, O Crino, DK Dowling, GE Hill, ...
Trends in Ecology & Evolution 36 (4), 321-332, 2021
Mitochondrial phylogeographies of five widespread Eurasian bird species
RM Zink, A Pavlova, S Drovetski, S Rohwer
Journal of Ornithology 149, 399-413, 2008
Fine-scale effects of habitat loss and fragmentation despite large-scale gene flow for some regionally declining woodland bird species
KA Harrisson, A Pavlova, JN Amos, N Takeuchi, A Lill, JQ Radford, ...
Landscape ecology 27, 813-827, 2012
Concordant divergence of mitogenomes and a mitonuclear gene cluster in bird lineages inhabiting different climates
HE Morales, A Pavlova, N Amos, R Major, A Kilian, C Greening, ...
Nature ecology & evolution 2 (8), 1258-1267, 2018
Species‐and sex‐specific connectivity effects of habitat fragmentation in a suite of woodland birds
JN Amos, KA Harrisson, JQ Radford, M White, G Newell, RM Nally, ...
Ecology 95 (6), 1556-1568, 2014
A tale of two flatties: different responses of two terrestrial flatworms to past environmental climatic fluctuations at Tallaganda in montane southeastern Australia
P Sunnucks, MJ Blacket, JM Taylor, CJ Sands, SA Ciavaglia, RC Garrick, ...
Molecular Ecology 15 (14), 4513-4531, 2006
Predicting landscape-genetic consequences of habitat loss, fragmentation and mobility for multiple species of woodland birds
JN Amos, AF Bennett, R Mac Nally, G Newell, A Pavlova, JQ Radford, ...
PLoS One 7 (2), e30888, 2012
Barn swallows before barns: population histories and intercontinental colonization
RM Zink, A Pavlova, S Rohwer, SV Drovetski
Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences 273 (1591), 1245-1251, 2006
Artificial barriers prevent genetic recovery of small isolated populations of a low-mobility freshwater fish
RA Coleman, B Gauffre, A Pavlova, LB Beheregaray, J Kearns, J Lyon, ...
Heredity 120 (6), 515-532, 2018
Integrative approaches for studying mitochondrial and nuclear genome co-evolution in oxidative phosphorylation
P Sunnucks, HE Morales, AM Lamb, A Pavlova, C Greening
Frontiers in Genetics 8, 25, 2017
De novo genome assembly and annotation of Australia's largest freshwater fish, the Murray cod (Maccullochella peelii), from Illumina and Nanopore …
CM Austin, MH Tan, KA Harrisson, YP Lee, LJ Croft, P Sunnucks, ...
GigaScience 6 (8), gix063, 2017
Scope for genetic rescue of an endangered subspecies though re‐establishing natural gene flow with another subspecies
KA Harrisson, A Pavlova, A Gonçalves da Silva, R Rose, JK Bull, ...
Molecular Ecology 25 (6), 1242-1258, 2016
Taxonomic status and evolutionary history of the Saxicola torquata complex
RM Zink, A Pavlova, S Drovetski, M Wink, S Rohwer
Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution 52 (3), 769-773, 2009
Lifetime fitness costs of inbreeding and being inbred in a critically endangered bird
KA Harrisson, MJL Magrath, JDL Yen, A Pavlova, N Murray, B Quin, ...
Current Biology 29 (16), 2711-2717. e4, 2019
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