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Panos K. Chrysanthis
Panos K. Chrysanthis
Professor of Computer Science, University of Pittsburgh
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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
On indoor position location with wireless LANs
P Prasithsangaree, P Krishnamurthy, P Chrysanthis
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Synthesis of extended transaction models using ACTA
PK Chrysanthis, K Ramamritham
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TiNA: A scheme for temporal coherency-aware in-network aggregation
MA Sharaf, J Beaver, A Labrinidis, PK Chrysanthis
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Balancing energy efficiency and quality of aggregate data in sensor networks
MA Sharaf, J Beaver, A Labrinidis, PK Chrysanthis
The VLDB journal 13 (4), 384-403, 2004
Transaction processing in mobile computing environment
PK Chrysanthis
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ACTA: the SAGA continues
PK Chrysanthis, K Ramamritham
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Supporting semantics-based transaction processing in mobile database applications
GD Walborn, PK Chrysanthis
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Scalable processing of read-only transactions in broadcast push
E Pitoura, PK Chrysanthis
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A taxonomy of correctness criteria in database applications
K Ramamritham, PK Chrysanthis
The VLDB Journal 5 (1), 85-97, 1996
A formalism for extended transaction model
PK Chrysanthis, K Ramamritham
Proceedings of the 17th International Conference on Very Large Data Bases …, 1991
Exploiting versions for handling updates in broadcast disks
E Pitoura, PK Chrysanthis
VLDB, 114-125, 1999
KDDCS: a load-balanced in-network data-centric storage scheme for sensor networks
M Aly, K Pruhs, PK Chrysanthis
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Transaction processing in PRO-MOTION
GD Walborn, PK Chrysanthis
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Algorithms and metrics for processing multiple heterogeneous continuous queries
MA Sharaf, PK Chrysanthis, A Labrinidis, K Pruhs
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Multiversion data broadcast
E Pitoura, PK Chrysanthis
IEEE Transactions on Computers 51 (10), 1224-1230, 2002
Distributed databases and peer-to-peer databases: past and present
A Bonifati, PK Chrysanthis, AM Ouksel, KU Sattler
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Pro-motion: Management of mobile transactions
GD Walborn, PK Chrysanthis
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Extracting concurrency from objects: A methodology
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Recovery and performance of atomic commit processing in distributed database systems
PK Chrysanthis, G Samaras, YJ Al-Houmaily
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Location-aware routing for data aggregation in sensor networks
J Beaver, M Sharaf, A Labrinidis, P Chrysanthis
Geosensor Networks, 189-209, 2004
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