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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Ternary complex formation between the MADS-box proteins SQUAMOSA, DEFICIENS and GLOBOSA is involved in the control of floral architecture in Antirrhinum majus
M Egea-Cortines, H Saedler, H Sommer
The EMBO journal 18 (19), 5370-5379, 1999
Multiple interactions amongst floral homeotic MADS box proteins.
B Davies, M Egea‐Cortines, E de Andrade Silva, H Saedler, H Sommer
The EMBO journal 15 (16), 4330-4343, 1996
Validation of reference genes for quantitative real-time PCR during leaf and flower development in Petunia hybrida
I Mallona, S Lischewski, J Weiss, B Hause, M Egea-Cortines
BMC plant biology 10 (1), 1-11, 2010
Insight into the evolution of the Solanaceae from the parental genomes of Petunia hybrida
A Bombarely, M Moser, A Amrad, M Bao, L Bapaume, CS Barry, M Bliek, ...
Nature plants 2 (6), 1-9, 2016
Biochemistry and physiology of polyamines in plants
RD Slocum, HE Flores
CRC press, 1991
Beyond the ABCs: ternary complex formation in the control of floral organ identity
ME Gutierrez-Cortines, B Davies
Trends in plant science 5 (11), 471-476, 2000
Quantitative evaluation of bias in PCR amplification and next-generation sequencing derived from metabarcoding samples
M Pawluczyk, J Weiss, MG Links, ME Aranguren, MD Wilkinson, ...
Analytical and bioanalytical chemistry 407 (7), 1841-1848, 2015
Plant phenomics: an overview of image acquisition technologies and image data analysis algorithms
F Perez-Sanz, PJ Navarro, M Egea-Cortines
GigaScience 6 (11), gix092, 2017
Structural changes, chemical composition and antioxidant activity of cherry tomato fruits (cv. Micro‐Tom) stored under optimal and chilling conditions
P Gomez, MÁ Ferrer, JP Fernández‐Trujillo, A Calderon, F Artes, ...
Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture 89 (9), 1543-1551, 2009
Polyamines in cell division, fruit set and development, and seed germination
M Egea-Cortines, Y Mizrahi
Biochemistry and physiology of polyamines in plants, 143-158, 1991
Genetic control of floral size and proportions
J Weiss, L Delgado-Benarroch, M Egea-Cortines
International Journal of Developmental Biology 49 (5-6), 513-525, 2004
pcrEfficiency: a Web tool for PCR amplification efficiency prediction
I Mallona, J Weiss, M Egea-Cortines
BMC bioinformatics 12 (1), 1-7, 2011
Transcriptomic analysis of cold response in tomato fruits identifies dehydrin as a marker of cold stress
J Weiss, M Egea-Cortines
Journal of applied genetics 50 (4), 311-319, 2009
Evaluation of a rapid DNA extraction method to detect yeast cells by PCR in orange juice
M Ros-Chumillas, M Egea-Cortines, A Lopez-Gomez, J Weiss
Food control 18 (1), 33-39, 2007
Conserved and divergent rhythms of crassulacean acid metabolism-related and core clock gene expression in the cactus Opuntia ficus-indica
I Mallona, M Egea-Cortines, J Weiss
Plant physiology 156 (4), 1978-1989, 2011
Quantitative levels of Deficiens and Globosa during late petal development show a complex transcriptional network topology of B function
M Manchado‐Rojo, L Delgado‐Benarroch, MJ Roca, J Weiss, ...
The Plant Journal 72 (2), 294-307, 2012
Machine learning and computer vision system for phenotype data acquisition and analysis in plants
PJ Navarro, F Pérez, J Weiss, M Egea-Cortines
Sensors 16 (5), 641, 2016
Application of whole genome amplification and quantitative PCR for detection and quantification of spoilage yeasts in orange juice
A Renard, PG di Marco, M Egea-Cortines, J Weiss
International journal of food microbiology 126 (1-2), 195-201, 2008
Genotype distribution of human papillomavirus (HPV) and co-infections in cervical cytologic specimens from two outpatient gynecological clinics in a region of southeast Spain
P Conesa-Zamora, S Ortiz-Reina, J Moya-Biosca, A Doménech-Peris, ...
BMC infectious diseases 9 (1), 1-7, 2009
FORMOSA controls cell division and expansion during floral development in Antirrhinum majus
L Delgado-Benarroch, B Causier, J Weiss, M Egea-Cortines
Planta 229 (6), 1219-1229, 2009
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