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Balcázar-Vargas, Maria Paula
Balcázar-Vargas, Maria Paula
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Alıntı yapanlar
The Taverna workflow suite: designing and executing workflows of Web Services on the desktop, web or in the cloud
K Wolstencroft, R Haines, D Fellows, A Williams, D Withers, S Owen, ...
Nucleic acids research 41 (W1), W557-W561, 2013
Ancient paralogy in the cpDNA trnL-F region in Annonaceae: implications for plant molecular systematics
MD Pirie, MP Balcázar-Vargas, M Botermans, FT Bakker, LW Chatrou
American Journal of Botany 94 (6), 1003-1016, 2007
Diversidad florística de la Serranía de las Quinchas, Magdalena medio (Colombia)
MP Balcázar-Vargas, E Linares, O Rangel
Caldasia 22 (2), 191-224, 2000
The use of hemiepiphytes as craft fibres by indigenous communities in the Colombian Amazon
MP Balcázar-Vargas, T van Andel
University of Hawaii at Manoa, 2005
BioVeL: a virtual laboratory for data analysis and modelling in biodiversity science and ecology
AR Hardisty, F Bacall, N Beard, MP Balcázar-Vargas, B Balech, Z Barcza, ...
BMC ecology 16 (1), 1-16, 2016
The quest for a suitable host: size distributions of host trees and secondary hemiepiphytes search strategy
MP Balcázar‐Vargas, MC Peñuela‐Mora, TR van Andel, PA Zuidema
Biotropica 44 (1), 19-26, 2012
What drives the vital rates of secondary hemiepiphytes? A first assessment for three species of Heteropsis (Araceae) in the Colombian Amazon
MP Balcázar-Vargas, TR Van Andel, P Westers, PA Zuidema
Journal of Tropical Ecology 31 (3), 251-265, 2015
No second chances: demography from the forest floor to the canopy and back again
MP Balcázar‐Vargas, R Salguero‐Gómez, PA Zuidema
Journal of Ecology 103 (6), 1498-1508, 2015
From forest floor to the canopy: life history of secondary hemiepiphytes (Heteropsis species) in the Colombian Amazon
MP Balcazar Vargas
Universiteit Utrecht, 2013
The use of hemi-epiphytes for craft production by Piaroa and Piapoco Indians, Colombia. in AD39E Non-timber forest products
MP Balcázar-Vargas
Agromisa Foundation, 2006
Unonopsis, Bocageopsis and Onychopetalum (Annonaceae). How Many Genera are Really There?.
MP Balcazar-Vargas
Department of Plant Sciences, Sect. Plant, 2004
Effect of dispersal limitation on small scale spatial structure of epiphytic bryophyte communities in a tropical lowland rain forest (Araracuara, Colombia)
HJF VanDunné, MP Balcazar, M Pinzón
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CA Petre, N Tagg, R Beudels-Jamar, B Haurez, M Salah, V Spetschinsky, ...
tropical lowland rain forest (Araracuara, Colombia)
HJF Vanlunné, MP Balcazar, M Pinzón
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