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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Removal of lead ions by acid activated and manganese oxide-coated bentonite
E Eren, B Afsin, Y Onal
Journal of Hazardous Materials 161 (2-3), 677-685, 2009
Competitive adsorption of lead and zinc from aqueous solution on activated carbon prepared from Van apple pulp: study in single-and multi-solute systems
T Depci, AR Kul, Y Önal
Chemical engineering journal 200, 224-236, 2012
Kinetics of adsorption of dyes from aqueous solution using activated carbon prepared from waste apricot
Y Önal
Journal of hazardous materials 137 (3), 1719-1728, 2006
Adsorption kinetics of malachite green onto activated carbon prepared from Tunçbilek lignite
Y Önal, C Akmil-Başar, D Eren, Ç Sarıcı-Özdemir, T Depci
Journal of hazardous materials 128 (2-3), 150-157, 2006
Investigation kinetics mechanisms of adsorption malachite green onto activated carbon
Y Önal, C Akmil-Başar, Ç Sarıcı-Özdemir
Journal of hazardous materials 146 (1-2), 194-203, 2007
Conversion of grape industrial processing waste to activated carbon sorbent and its performance in cationic and anionic dyes adsorption
H Sayğılı, F Güzel, Y Önal
Journal of Cleaner Production 93, 84-93, 2015
Elucidation of the naproxen sodium adsorption onto activated carbon prepared from waste apricot: kinetic, equilibrium and thermodynamic characterization
Y Önal, C Akmil-Başar, Ç Sarıcı-Özdemir
Journal of Hazardous Materials 148 (3), 727-734, 2007
Physicochemical characteristics of a novel activated carbon produced from tea industry waste
A Gundogdu, C Duran, HB Senturk, M Soylak, M Imamoglu, Y Onal
Journal of Analytical and Applied Pyrolysis 104, 249-259, 2013
Textural development of sugar beet bagasse activated with ZnCl2
Y Önal, C Akmil-Başar, Ç Sarıcı-Özdemir, S Erdoğan
Journal of Hazardous Materials 142 (1-2), 138-143, 2007
Optimization of nickel adsorption from aqueous solution by using activated carbon prepared from waste apricot by chemical activation
S Erdoğan, Y Önal, C Akmil-Başar, S Bilmez-Erdemoğlu, ...
Applied Surface Science 252 (5), 1324-1331, 2005
Production of activated carbon from pine cone and evaluation of its physical, chemical, and adsorption properties
G Duman, Y Onal, C Okutucu, S Onenc, J Yanik
Energy & fuels 23 (4), 2197-2204, 2009
Adsorptions of high concentration malachite green by two activated carbons having different porous structures
C Akmil-Başar, Y Önal, T Kılıçer, D Eren
Journal of hazardous materials 127 (1-3), 73-80, 2005
Characterization of TiO_2 Synthesized in Alcohol by a Sol-Gel Process: The Effects of Annealing Temperature and Acid Catalyst
F Sayilkan, M ASİLTÜRK, H Sayilkan, Y Önal, M Akarsu, E Arpaç
Turkish Journal of Chemistry 29 (6), 697-706, 2006
Production of activated carbon and fungicidal oil from peach stone by two-stage process
T Uysal, G Duman, Y Onal, I Yasa, J Yanik
Journal of Analytical and Applied Pyrolysis 108, 47-55, 2014
Thermogravimetric analysis of pretreated Turkish lignites
K Ceylan, H Karaca, Y Önal
Fuel 78 (9), 1109-1116, 1999
Equilibrium, kinetic and thermodynamic adsorptions of the environmental pollutant tannic acid onto activated carbon
Ç Sarıcı-Özdemir, Y Önal
Desalination 251 (1-3), 146-152, 2010
Preparation and phenol captivating properties of polyvinylpyrrolidone‐montmorillonite hybrid materials
A Gultek, T Seckin, Y Onal, MG Icduygu
Journal of Applied Polymer Science 81 (2), 512-519, 2001
Effects of treatments on the mineral matter and acidic functional group contents of Turkish lignites
Y Önal, K Ceylan
Fuel 74 (7), 972-977, 1995
Polymerization and characterization of acrylonitrile with γ‐methacryloxypropyltrimethoxy‐silane grafted bentonite clay
T Seçki̇n, A Gültek, MG i̇çduygu, Y önal
Journal of applied polymer science 84 (1), 164-171, 2002
Preparation and characterization of a clay-polyvinylpyridinium matrix for the removal of bacterial cells from water
T Seckin, Y Onal, O Yesilada, A Gultek
Journal of materials science 32 (22), 5993-5999, 1997
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