Jeanette B Ruiz
Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Understanding vaccination resistance: Vaccine search term selection bias and the valence of retrieved information
JB Ruiz, RA Bell
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Exploring the presentation of HPV information online: A semantic network analysis of websites
JB Ruiz, GA Barnett
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Predictors of Intention to Vaccinate Against COVID-19: Results of a Nationwide Survey
JB Ruiz, RA Bell
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Relationship of people’s sources of health information and political ideology with acceptance of conspiratorial beliefs about vaccines
JD Featherstone, RA Bell, JB Ruiz
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Who owns the international Internet networks?
JB Ruiz, GA Barnett
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An examination of the relationship between international telecommunication networks, terrorism and global news coverage
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The world is not flat: Evaluating the inequality in global information gatekeeping through website co-mentions
GA Barnett, JB Ruiz, WW Xu, JY Park, HW Park
Technological Forecasting and Social Change 117, 38-45, 2017
Globalization or decentralization of hyperlinked content among websites: An examination of website co-citations
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Extending discourse of renewal to preparedness: Construct and scale development of readiness for renewal
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JB Ruiz
University of California, Davis, 2015
Identifying Vaccine Hesitant Communities on Twitter and their Geolocations: A Network Approach
J Ruiz, JD Featherstone, GA Barnett
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JB Ruiz
Social Science Research Network, 2020
Exploring childhood vaccination themes and public opinions on Twitter: A semantic network analysis
JD Featherstone, JB Ruiz, GA Barnett, BJ Millam
Telematics and Informatics 54, 101474, 2020
Seek and you will find? exploring HIV/VIH information online.
JB Ruiz
APHA's 2020 VIRTUAL Annual Meeting and Expo (Oct. 24-28), 2020
Edward Janak and Ludovic A. Sourdot (Eds.), Educating Through Popular Culture: You’re Not Cool Just Because You Teach with Comics
JB Ruiz
International Journal of Communication 14, 3, 2020
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