Vilas S. Patil
Vilas S. Patil
Professor, University Institute of Chemical Technology, North Maharashtra University, Jalgaon üzerinde doğrulanmış e-posta adresine sahip
Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Efficacy of esterified glucomannan to counteract mycotoxicosis in naturally contaminated feed on performance and serum biochemical and hematological parameters in broilers
KL Aravind, VS Patil, G Devegowda, B Umakantha, SP Ganpule
Poultry Science 82 (4), 571-576, 2003
Catalytic upgrading of renewable levulinic acid to ethyl levulinate biodiesel using dodecatungstophosphoric acid supported on desilicated H-ZSM-5 as catalyst
KY Nandiwale, SK Sonar, PS Niphadkar, PN Joshi, SS Deshpande, ...
Applied Catalysis A: General 460, 90-98, 2013
Fatty acids of human blood
VS Patil, NG Magar
Biochemical Journal 74 (3), 427, 1960
AS Kapse, VS Patil, NV Patil
International Journal of Engineering and Advanced Technology 1 (4), 82-86, 2012
Evidence driven object identification in procedural code
K Kontogiannis, P Patil
STEP'99. Proceedings Ninth International Workshop Software Technology and …, 1999
Automobile exhaust thermo-electric generator design & performance analysis
P Ramade, P Patil, M Shelar, S Chaudhary, S Yadav, S Trimbake
International Journal of Emerging Technology and Advanced Engineering 4 (5 …, 2014
The 90 kDa heat shock protein (hsp90) is expressed throughout Brassica napus seed development and germination
RK Reddy, S Chaudhary, P Patil, P Krishna
Plant Science 131 (2), 131-137, 1998
Instantiating complex event scenarios using dynamic rule creation
AA Kulkarni, V Patil
US Patent 10,068,202, 2018
Genetic Variability and Sowing Dates Effect of Cluster Bean (Cyamopsis tetragonoloba L., Taub) Genotypes in Semi Arid Region of Maharashtra, India
DV Patil
Plant Archiv 14 (1), 1-6, 2014
Nanofiltration for Recovery of Heavy Metal Ions from Waste Water-A Review
R Abhanga, K Wanib, V Patilc, B Pangarkara, S Parjanea
Liver 1, 0.60-65.60, 2013
Bacterial extracellular alkaline proteases and its industrial applications
AD Bholay, SY More, VB Patil, N Patil
International Research Journal of Biological Sciences 1 (7), 1-5, 2012
A review on effect of addition of nano particles on tribological properties of lubricants
SJ Patil, DP Patil, AP Shrotri, VP Patil
Int J Mech Eng Technol (IJMET) 5 (11), 120-129, 2014
Global randomized trials: the promise of India and China
V Perkovic, V Patil, L Wei, J Lv, M Petersen, A Patel
JBJS 94 (Supplement_1), 92-96, 2012
Does neostigmine increase gastric emptying in the critically ill?-results of a pilot study
T Jacques, M O'Leary, V Patil, K Girling, MA Lucey
Critical Care and Resuscitation 5 (1), 14, 2003
Sonochemical synthesis of peracetic acid in a continuous flow micro-structured reactor
PD Jolhe, BA Bhanvase, VS Patil, SH Sonawane
Chemical Engineering Journal 276, 91-96, 2015
Long-term integrated nutrient management for enhancing soil quality and crop productivity under intensive cropping system on vertisols
VK Kharche, SR Patil, AA Kulkarni, VS Patil, RN Katkar
Journal of the Indian Society of Soil Science 61 (4), 323-332, 2013
Effect of dietary fat and cholesterol on the polyunsaturated fatty acids of cholesterol esters, phospholipids and triglycerides in the liver of the rat
VS Patil, NG Magar
Biochemical Journal 74 (3), 441, 1960
“Adsorption of Copper (Cu 2+) & Zinc (Zn 2+) Metal Ion from Waste Water by Using Soybean Hulls and Sugarcane Bagasse as Adsorbent”,
MV Patil Kishor P., Patil Vilas S., Patil Nilesh P.
International Journal of Scientific Research & Reviews, 1 (02), 14-25, 2012
Fatal rabies despite post-exposure prophylaxis
DG Deshmukh, AS Damle, JK Bajaj, JB Bhakre, NS Patil
Indian journal of medical microbiology 29 (2), 178, 2011
Migration of procedural systems to network-centric platforms
P Patil, Y Zou, K Kontogiannis, J Mylopoulos
Proceedings of the 1999 conference of the Centre for Advanced Studies on …, 1999
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