Eray Baran
Eray Baran
Professor of Structural Engineering, Middle East Technical University üzerinde doğrulanmış e-posta adresine sahip
Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Flexural behavior of lightly and heavily reinforced steel fiber concrete beams
HC Mertol, E Baran, HJ Bello
Construction and Building Materials 98, 185-193, 2015
Effects of cast-in-place concrete topping on flexural response of precast concrete hollow-core slabs
E Baran
Engineering Structures 98, 109-117, 2015
Pull-out behavior of prestressing strands in steel fiber reinforced concrete
E Baran, T Akis, S Yesilmen
Construction and building materials 28 (1), 362-371, 2012
An experimental study on channel type shear connectors
E Baran, C Topkaya
Journal of Constructional Steel Research 74, 108-117, 2012
Behavior of cold-formed steel wall panels under monotonic horizontal loading
E Baran, C Alica
Journal of Constructional Steel Research 79, 1-8, 2012
Behavior of steel–concrete partially composite beams with channel type shear connectors
E Baran, C Topkaya
Journal of constructional steel research 97, 69-78, 2014
Damage in reinforced-concrete buildings during the 2011 Van, Turkey, earthquakes
E Baran, HC Mertol, B Gunes
Journal of Performance of Constructed Facilities 28 (3), 466-479, 2014
Experimental and numerical analysis of a bolted connection in steel transmission towers
E Baran, T Akis, G Sen, A Draisawi
Journal of Constructional Steel Research 121, 253-260, 2016
Tension tests on cast-in-place inserts: The influence of reinforcement and prestress
E Baran, AE Schultz, CE French
PCI journal 51 (5), 88, 2006
A comparison of methods for experimentally determining prestress losses in pretensioned prestressed concrete girders
E Baran, CK Shield, CE French
Special Publication 231, 161-180, 2005
Flexural strength design criteria for concrete beams reinforced with high-strength steel strands
E Baran, T Arsava
Advances in Structural Engineering 15 (10), 1781-1792, 2012
Analysis of the flexural strength of prestressed concrete flanged sections
E Baran, CE French, AE Schultz
PCI journal 50 (1), 74-93, 2005
Analysis of the effects of vertical pre-release cracks on prestressed concrete bridge girders
E Baran, CE French
PCI journal 49 (6), 114-130, 2004
Strength and stiffness of floor trusses fabricated from cold-formed steel lipped channels
Ç Dizdar, E Baran, C Topkaya
Engineering Structures 181, 437-457, 2019
Effect of Vertical Pre-Release Cracks on Prestressed Bridge Girders
E Baran, CE French, CK Shield
Behavior of girder-floor beam connections in prestressed concrete pedestrian bridges subjected to lateral impact loads
E Baran, AE Schultz, CE French
Journal of Structural Engineering 133 (11), 1670-1681, 2007
Behavior of channel connectors in steel-concrete composite beams with precast slabs
P Arıkoğlu, E Baran, C Topkaya
Journal of Constructional Steel Research 172, 106167, 2020
Nonlinear Fiber Modeling of Steel-Concrete Partially Composite Beams with Channel Connectors
A Ozturk, E Baran, C Tort
KSCE Journal of Civil Engineering 23 (5), 2227-2242, 2019
Testing and analysis of different hold down devices for CFS construction
BM Pehlivan, E Baran, C Topkaya
Journal of Constructional Steel Research 145, 97-115, 2018
Experimental determination of resistance characteristics of support details used in prestressed concrete bridge girders
E Baran, R Rohne, CE French, AE Schultz
Journal of Bridge Engineering 14 (5), 319-326, 2009
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