Xuyong Feng
Xuyong Feng
The University of Texas at Austin
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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
A comparative study on the low-temperature performance of LiFePO4/C and Li3V2 (PO4) 3/C cathodes for lithium-ion batteries
XH Rui, Y Jin, XY Feng, LC Zhang, CH Chen
Journal of Power Sources 196 (4), 2109-2114, 2011
Three-dimensional porous V 2 O 5 cathode with ultra high rate capability
S Wang, S Li, Y Sun, X Feng, C Chen
Energy & Environmental Science 4 (8), 2854-2857, 2011
Preparation of low-cost mullite ceramics from natural bauxite and industrial waste fly ash
Y Dong, X Feng, X Feng, Y Ding, X Liu, G Meng
Journal of alloys and Compounds 460 (1-2), 599-606, 2008
Elaboration and chemical corrosion resistance of tubular macro-porous cordierite ceramic membrane supports
Y Dong, X Feng, D Dong, S Wang, J Yang, J Gao, X Liu, G Meng
Journal of Membrane Science 304 (1-2), 65-75, 2007
Study of LiNi0. 5Mn1. 5O4 synthesized via a chloride-ammonia co-precipitation method: Electrochemical performance, diffusion coefficient and capacity loss mechanism
X Fang, N Ding, XY Feng, Y Lu, CH Chen
Electrochimica acta 54 (28), 7471-7475, 2009
Hollow Co3O4 thin films as high performance anodes for lithium-ion batteries
Y Sun, XY Feng, CH Chen
Journal of Power Sources 196 (2), 784-787, 2011
Ultrathin Li4Ti5O12 Nanosheets as Anode Materials for Lithium and Sodium Storage
X Feng, H Zou, H Xiang, X Guo, T Zhou, Y Wu, W Xu, P Yan, C Wang, ...
ACS applied materials & interfaces 8 (26), 16718-16726, 2016
Synthesis of LiNi0. 5Mn1. 5O4 by solid-state reaction with improved electrochemical performance
XY Feng, C Shen, X Fang, CH Chen
Journal of Alloys and Compounds 509 (8), 3623-3626, 2011
Electrochemical properties of nano-and micro-sized LiNi0. 5Mn1. 5O4 synthesized via thermal decomposition of a ternary eutectic Li–Ni–Mn acetate
X Fang, Y Lu, N Ding, XY Feng, C Liu, CH Chen
Electrochimica Acta 55 (3), 832-837, 2010
Li-ion transport in a representative ceramic–polymer–plasticizer composite electrolyte: Li 7 La 3 Zr 2 O 12–polyethylene oxide–tetraethylene glycol dimethyl ether
J Zheng, H Dang, X Feng, PH Chien, YY Hu
Journal of Materials Chemistry A 5 (35), 18457-18463, 2017
Facile synthesis of flower-like and yarn-like α-Fe2O3 spherical clusters as anode materials for lithium-ion batteries
XH Ma, XY Feng, C Song, BK Zou, CX Ding, Y Yu, CH Chen
Electrochimica Acta 93, 131-136, 2013
Improvement of electrochemical properties of layered LiNi1/3Co1/3Mn1/3O2 positive electrode material by zirconium doping
CX Ding, YC Bai, XY Feng, CH Chen
Solid State Ionics 189 (1), 69-73, 2011
Solid-state synthesis and electrochemical performance of Ce-doped Li4Ti5O12 anode materials for lithium-ion batteries
TP Zhou, XY Feng, X Guo, WW Wu, S Cheng, HF Xiang
Electrochimica acta 174, 369-375, 2015
High capacity and excellent cyclability of vanadium (IV) oxide in lithium battery applications
N Ding, X Feng, S Liu, J Xu, X Fang, I Lieberwirth, C Chen
Electrochemistry communications 11 (3), 538-541, 2009
Li Distribution Heterogeneity in Solid Electrolyte Li10GeP2S12 upon Electrochemical Cycling Probed by 7Li MRI
PH Chien, X Feng, M Tang, JT Rosenberg, S O’Neill, J Zheng, SC Grant, ...
The journal of physical chemistry letters 9 (8), 1990-1998, 2018
Chromium-Modified Li4Ti5O12 with a Synergistic Effect of Bulk Doping, Surface Coating, and Size Reducing
H Zou, X Liang, X Feng, H Xiang
ACS applied materials & interfaces 8 (33), 21407-21416, 2016
Lithium chromium oxide modified spinel LiCrTiO 4 with improved electrochemical properties
X Feng, C Shen, N Ding, C Chen
Journal of Materials Chemistry 22 (39), 20861-20865, 2012
Phase evolution and sintering characteristics of porous mullite ceramics produced from the flyash-Al (OH) 3 coating powders
Y Dong, J Diwu, X Feng, X Feng, X Liu, G Meng
Journal of alloys and compounds 460 (1-2), 651-657, 2008
Synthesis and electrochemical properties of sticktight-like and nanosheet Co3O4 particles
XY Feng, C Shen, Y Yu, SQ Wei, CH Chen
Journal of power sources 230, 59-65, 2013
Three-dimensional porous Fe0. 1V2O5. 15 thin film as a cathode material for lithium ion batteries
SR Li, SY Ge, Y Qiao, YM Chen, XY Feng, JF Zhu, CH Chen
Electrochimica acta 64, 81-86, 2012
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