Matthew W D Perry
Matthew W D Perry
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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Monocarboxylate transporter MCT1 is a target for immunosuppression
CM Murray, R Hutchinson, JR Bantick, GP Belfield, AD Benjamin, ...
Nature chemical biology 1 (7), 371-376, 2005
Designing novel building blocks is an overlooked strategy to improve compound quality
FW Goldberg, JG Kettle, T Kogej, MWD Perry, NP Tomkinson
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Structural and conformational determinants of macrocycle cell permeability
B Over, P Matsson, C Tyrchan, P Artursson, BC Doak, MA Foley, ...
Nature chemical biology 12 (12), 1065-1074, 2016
J Bantick, M Cooper, P Thorne, M Perry
US Patent 6,342,601, 2002
Stabilization of protein-protein interactions in drug discovery
SA Andrei, E Sijbesma, M Hann, J Davis, G O’Mahony, MWD Perry, ...
Expert Opinion on Drug Discovery 12 (9), 925-940, 2017
Impact of stereospecific intramolecular hydrogen bonding on cell permeability and physicochemical properties
B Over, P McCarren, P Artursson, M Foley, F Giordanetto, G Grönberg, ...
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Synthetic FKBP12 ligands. Design and synthesis of pyranose replacements.
TN Birkenshaw, MV Caffrey, DE Cladingboel, ME Cooper, DK Donald, ...
Bioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry Letters 4 (21), 2501-2506, 1994
Potent blockers of the monocarboxylate transporter MCT1: novel immunomodulatory compounds
SD Guile, JR Bantick, DR Cheshire, ME Cooper, AM Davis, DK Donald, ...
Bioorganic & medicinal chemistry letters 16 (8), 2260-2265, 2006
Azo anions in systhesis. pt 1. t-butylhydrazones as acyl-anion equivalents
JE Baldwin, RM Adlington, JC Bottaro, JN Kolhe, MWD Perry, AU Jain
Tetrahedron 42 (15), 4223-4234, 1986
Azo anions in synthesis: Use of trityl-and diphenyl-4-pyridylmethylhydrazones for reductive CC bond formation
JE Baldwin, RM Adlington, JC Bottaro, JN Kolhe, IM Newington, ...
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D Cheshire, A Cooke, M Cooper, D Donald, M Furber, M Perry, P Thorne
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Applications of the thermal ene reaction of aldehyde t-butyl-and phenyl-hydrazones
JE Baldwin, RM Adlington, AU Jain, JN Kolhe, MWD Perry
Tetrahedron 42 (15), 4247-4252, 1986
Novel piperidine derivatives for use in the treatment of chemokine medicated disease states
C Luckhurst, M Perry, B Springthorpe
US Patent App. 10/528,477, 2006
Stereocontrol during the alkylation of enolates attached to. pi.-allyl-Mo (CO) 2Cp systems
AJ Pearson, S Mallik, R Mortezaei, MWD Perry, RJ Shively Jr, WJ Youngs
Journal of the American Chemical Society 112 (22), 8034-8042, 1990
Evolution of PI3Kγ and δ inhibitors for inflammatory and autoimmune diseases
MWD Perry, R Abdulai, M Mogemark, J Petersen, MJ Thomas, B Valastro, ...
Journal of medicinal chemistry 62 (10), 4783-4814, 2018
A Practical Method for Targeted Library Design Balancing Lead‐like Properties with Diversity
MJ Stocks, GRH Wilden, G Pairaudeau, MWD Perry, J Steele, ...
ChemMedChem: Chemistry Enabling Drug Discovery 4 (5), 800-808, 2009
Spiro-fused pyrrolidine, piperidine, and oxindole scaffolds from lactams
C Hirschhäuser, JS Parker, MWD Perry, MF Haddow, T Gallagher
Organic letters 14 (18), 4846-4849, 2012
One-pot, three-component copper-catalysed ‘click’triazole synthesis utilising the inexpensive, shelf-stable diazotransfer reagent imidazole-1-sulfonyl azide hydrochloride
NM Smith, MJ Greaves, R Jewell, MWD Perry, MJ Stocks, JP Stonehouse
Synlett 2009 (09), 1391-1394, 2009
A class of highly selective inhibitors bind to an active state of PI3Kγ
G Gangadhara, G Dahl, T Bohnacker, R Rae, J Gunnarsson, S Blaho, ...
Nature chemical biology 15 (4), 348-357, 2019
Discovery of highly isoform selective orally bioavailable phosphoinositide 3-kinase (PI3K)-γ inhibitors
N Pemberton, M Mogemark, S Arlbrandt, P Bold, RJ Cox, C Gardelli, ...
Journal of medicinal chemistry 61 (12), 5435-5441, 2018
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