John Hobcraft
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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Women's education, child welfare and child survival: a review of the evidence
J Hobcraft
Health transition review, 159-175, 1993
Socio-economic factors in infant and child mortality: a cross-national comparison
JN Hobcraft, JW McDonald, SO Rutstein
Population studies 38 (2), 193-223, 1984
Demographic determinants of infant and early child mortality: a comparative analysis
JN Hobcraft, JW McDonald, SO Rutstein
Population studies 39 (3), 363-385, 1985
Childhood poverty, early motherhood and adult social exclusion
J Hobcraft, K Kiernan
The British journal of sociology 52 (3), 495-517, 2001
Age, period, and cohort effects in demography: a review
J Hobcraft, J Menken, S Preston
Cohort analysis in social research, 89-135, 1985
Child-spacing effects on infant and early child mortality
J Hobcraft, JW McDonald, S Rutstein
Population Index, 585-618, 1983
Social disadvantage, genetic sensitivity, and children’s telomere length
C Mitchell, J Hobcraft, SS McLanahan, SR Siegel, A Berg, J Brooks-Gunn, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 111 (16), 5944-5949, 2014
Intergenerational and life-course transmission of social exclusion: Influences and childhood poverty, family disruption and contact with the police
J Hobcraft
LSE STICERD Research Paper No. CASE015, 1998
Becoming a parent in Europe
J Hobcraft, K Kiernan
Centre for Analysis of Social Exclusion, The London School of Economics and …, 1997
Parental divorce during childhood: Age at first intercourse, partnership and parenthood
KE Kiernan, J Hobcraft
Population Studies 51 (1), 41-55, 1997
Reproductive change in developing countries: Insights from the World Fertility Survey
MG Kendall
Oxford University Press, 1985
Parental divorce and subsequent disadvantage: A cross-cohort comparison
W Sigle-Rushton, J Hobcraft, K Kiernan
Demography 42 (3), 427-446, 2005
Birth intervals
J Hobcraft, J McDonald
WFS Comparative Studies (World Fertility Survey) 28, 1984
Illustrative analysis: life table analysis of birth intervals in Colombia
G Rodriguez
International Statistical Institute, 1980
Demographic estimation for developing societies. A manual of techniques For the detection and reduction of errors in demographic data.
N Carrier, J Hobcraft
Demographic estimation for developing societies. A manual of techniques For …, 1971
Role of mother's genes and environment in postpartum depression
C Mitchell, D Notterman, J Brooks-Gunn, J Hobcraft, I Garfinkel, K Jaeger, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 108 (20), 8189-8193, 2011
The case for samples of anonymized records from the 1991 census
C Marsh, C Skinner, S Arber, B Penhale, S Openshaw, J Hobcraft, ...
Journal of the Royal Statistical Society: Series A (Statistics in Society …, 1991
Every death counts: measurement of maternal mortality via a census
C Stanton, J Hobcraft, K Hill, N Kodjogbe, WT Mapeta, F Munene, ...
Bulletin of the World Health Organization 79, 657-664, 2001
Fertility exposure analysis: A new method for assessing the contribution of proximate determinants to fertility differentials
J Hobcraft, RJA Little
Population Studies 38 (1), 21-45, 1984
Fertility in England and Wales: a fifty-year perspective
J Hobcraft
Population studies 50 (3), 485-524, 1996
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