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Franklin Mixon
Franklin Mixon
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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Strategic factors affecting foreign direct investment decisions by multi-national enterprises in Latin America
LJ Treviño, FG Mixon Jr
Journal of World Business 39 (3), 233-243, 2004
Advertising and information: An empirical study of search, experience and credence goods
RB Ekelund, FG Mixon, RW Ressler
Journal of Economic Studies 22 (2), 33-43, 1995
The determinants of out-of-state enrollments in higher education: A tobit analysis
FG Mixon Jr, Y Hsing
Economics of Education Review 13 (4), 329-335, 1994
Touchdowns and test scores: Exploring the relationship between athletics and academics
FG Mixon, LJ Treviño, TC Minto
Applied Economics Letters 11 (7), 421-424, 2004
From kickoff to commencement: The positive role of intercollegiate athletics in higher education
FG Mixon Jr, LJ Trevino
Economics of Education Review 24 (1), 97-102, 2005
Athletics versus academics? Rejoining the evidence from SAT scores
FG Mixon Jr
Education Economics 3 (3), 277-283, 1995
Meritocracies or masculinities? The differential allocation of named professorships by gender in the academy
LJ Treviño, LR Gomez-Mejia, DB Balkin, FG Mixon Jr
Journal of Management 44 (3), 972-1000, 2018
Factors affecting college student migration across states
FG Mixon
International Journal of Manpower 13 (1), 25-32, 1992
College student migration and human capital theory: A research note
FG Mixon Jr, Y Hsing
Education Economics 2 (1), 65-73, 1994
Modeling household fertility decisions: Estimation and testing of censored regression models for count data
SB Caudill, FG Mixon
Empirical Economics 20 (2), 183-196, 1995
Foreign direct investment and transition economies: Empirical evidence from a panel data estimator
D Dhakal, K Upadhyaya, FG Mixon
Economics Bulletin 6 (33), 1-9, 2007
Is economic freedom one dimensional? A factor analysis of some common measures of economic freedom
SB Caudill, FC Zanella, FG Mixon
Journal of Economic Development 25 (1), 17-40, 2000
Crime in the classroom: An extension
FG Mixon
Journal of Economic Education 27 (3), 195-200, 1996
The impact of economic freedom on per capita real GDP: A study of OECD nations
R Cebula, JR Clark, FG Mixon
Journal of Regional Analysis & Policy 43 (1), 34-41, 2013
A perspective on the state of the field: International business publications in the elite journals as a measure of institutional and faculty productivity
LJ Treviño, FG Mixon Jr, CA Funk, AC Inkpen
International Business Review 19 (4), 378-387, 2010
An empirical note on the impact of college athletics on tuition revenues
FG Mixon Jr, RW Ressler
Applied Economics Letters 2 (10), 383-387, 1995
A discrete-time hazard model of lottery adoption
SB Caudill, JM Ford, FG Mixon Jr, TC Peng
Applied Economics 27 (6), 555-561, 1995
Rent seeking and hidden in-kind resource distortion: Some empirical evidence
FG Mixon, DN Laband, RB Ekelund
Public Choice 78 (2), 171-185, 1994
Analysing misleading discrete responses: A logit model based on misclassified data
SB Caudill, FG Mixon Jr
Oxford Bulletin of Economics and Statistics 67 (1), 105-113, 2005
How race affects dismissals of college football coaches
FG Mixon, LJ Trevino
Journal of Labor Research 25 (4), 645-656, 2004
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