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Nail Bulakbaşı
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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Combination of single-voxel proton MR spectroscopy and apparent diffusion coefficient calculation in the evaluation of common brain tumors
N Bulakbasi, M Kocaoglu, F Örs, C Tayfun, T Üçöz
American Journal of Neuroradiology 24 (2), 225-233, 2003
The added value of the apparent diffusion coefficient calculation to magnetic resonance imaging in the differentiation and grading of malignant brain tumors
N Bulakbasi, I Guvenc, O Onguru, E Erdogan, C Tayfun, T Ucoz
Journal of computer assisted tomography 28 (6), 735-746, 2004
Cerebrospinal fluid flow imaging by using phase-contrast MR technique
B Battal, M Kocaoglu, N Bulakbasi, G Husmen, HT Sanal, C Tayfun
The British Journal of Radiology 84 (1004), 758-765, 2011
Transient splenial lesion of the corpus callosum in clinically mild influenza-associated encephalitis/encephalopathy
N Bulakbasi, M Kocaoglu, C Tayfun, T Ucoz
American journal of neuroradiology 27 (9), 1983-1986, 2006
Spoiled gradient recalled acquisition in the steady state technique is superior to conventional postcontrast spin echo technique for magnetic resonance imaging detection of …
N Patronas, N Bulakbasi, CA Stratakis, A Lafferty, EH Oldfield, J Doppman, ...
The Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism 88 (4), 1565-1569, 2003
Assessment of diagnostic accuracy of perfusion MR imaging in primary and metastatic solitary malignant brain tumors
N Bulakbasi, M Kocaoglu, A Farzaliyev, C Tayfun, T Ucoz, I Somuncu
American journal of neuroradiology 26 (9), 2187-2199, 2005
Imaging findings in idiopathic granulomatous mastitis: a review with emphasis on magnetic resonance imaging
M Kocaoglu, I Somuncu, F Ors, N Bulakbasi, C Tayfun, S Ilkbahar
Journal of computer assisted tomography 28 (5), 635-641, 2004
Central nervous system infections of herpesvirus family
N Bulakbasi, M Kocaoglu
Neuroimaging clinics of North America 18 (1), 53-84, 2008
Comparison of In-111 octreotide and Tc-99m (V) DMSA scintigraphy in the detection of medullary thyroid tumor foci in patients with elevated levels of tumor markers after surgery
N Arslan, S Ilgan, D Yuksel, M Serdengecti, N Bulakbasi, O Ugur, ...
Clinical nuclear medicine 26 (8), 683-688, 2001
Testicular microlithiasis in pediatric age group: ultrasonography findings and literature review
M Kocaoglu, U Bozlar, N Bulakbasi, M Saglam, T Üçöz, İ Somuncu
Diagnostic and Interventional Radiology 11 (1), 60, 2005
Pediatric abdominal masses: diagnostic accuracy of diffusion weighted MRI
M Kocaoglu, N Bulakbasi, HT Sanal, E Kismet, B Caliskan, V Akgun, ...
Magnetic resonance imaging 28 (5), 629-636, 2010
Central neurocytoma: proton MR spectroscopy and diffusion weighted MR imaging findings
M Kocaoglu, F Ors, N Bulakbasi, O Onguru, C Ulutin, HI Secer
Magnetic resonance imaging 27 (3), 434-440, 2009
Comparison of contrast-enhanced T1-weighted and 3D constructive interference in steady state images for predicting outcome after hearing-preservation surgery for vestibular …
M Kocaoglu, N Bulakbasi, T Ucoz, B Ustunsoz, Y Pabuscu, C Tayfun, ...
Neuroradiology 45 (7), 476-481, 2003
Thin-section axial multidetector computed tomography and multiplanar reformatted imaging of children with suspected foreign-body aspiration: is virtual bronchoscopy overemphasized?
M Kocaoglu, N Bulakbasi, K Soylu, S Demirbag, C Tayfun, I Somuncu
Acta Radiologica 47 (7), 746-751, 2006
Diffusion-weighted imaging in the characterization of focal liver lesions: efficacy of visual assessment
B Battal, M Kocaoglu, V Akgun, I Karademir, S Deveci, I Guvenc, ...
Journal of computer assisted tomography 35 (3), 326-331, 2011
Utility of ventilation and perfusion scan in the diagnosis of young military recruits with an incidental finding of hyperlucent lung
N Arslan, S Ilgan, M Ozkan, I Yuksekol, N Bulakbasi, Y Pabuscu, ...
Nuclear medicine communications 22 (5), 525-530, 2001
Dysembryoplastic neuroepithelial tumors: proton MR spectroscopy, diffusion and perfusion characteristics
N Bulakbasi, M Kocaoglu, TH Sanal, C Tayfun
Neuroradiology 49 (10), 805-812, 2007
Imaging features of benign adrenal cysts
HT Sanal, M Kocaoglu, D Yildirim, N Bulakbasi, I Guvenc, C Tayfun, ...
European journal of radiology 60 (3), 465-469, 2006
Schwannoma of the lateral ventricle: eight-year follow-up and literature review
E Erdogan, Ö Öngürü, N Bulakbası, A Baysefer, F Gezen, E Timurkaynak
min-Minimally Invasive Neurosurgery 46 (01), 50-53, 2003
Initial effects of the tongue crib on tongue movements during deglutition: a cine-magnetic resonance imaging study.
MO Sayin, E Akin, S Karaçay, N Bulakbaşi
The Angle Orthodontist 76 (3), 400-405, 2006
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