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Daniel L. Bennett
Daniel L. Bennett
Assistant Professor of Entrepreneurship, University of Louisville
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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
For-Profit Higher Education: Growth, Innovation and Regulation.
DL Bennett, AR Lucchesi, RK Vedder
Center for College Affordability and Productivity (NJ1), 2010
A dynamic analysis of economic freedom and income inequality in the 50 US states: Empirical evidence of a parabolic relationship
DL Bennett, RK Vedder
Journal of Regional Analysis & Policy 43 (1), 42-55, 2013
On the ambiguous economic freedom–inequality relationship
DL Bennett, B Nikolaev
Empirical Economics 53 (2), 717-754, 2017
Economic institutions and comparative economic development: A post-colonial perspective
DL Bennett, HJ Faria, JD Gwartney, DR Morales
World Development 96, 503-519, 2017
Infrastructure investments and entrepreneurial dynamism in the US
DL Bennett
Journal of Business Venturing 34 (5), 105907, 2019
Give me liberty and give me control: Economic freedom, control perceptions and the paradox of choice
B Nikolaev, DL Bennett
European Journal of Political Economy 45, 39-52, 2016
The Inmates Running the Asylum? An Analysis of Higher Education Accreditation.
A Gillen, DL Bennett, R Vedder
Center for College Affordability and Productivity (NJ1), 2010
Factor endowments, the rule of law and structural inequality
DL Bennett, B Nikolaev
Journal of Institutional Economics 12 (4), 773-795, 2016
Public policy, higher education, and income inequality in the United States: have we reached diminishing returns?
DL Bennett, RK Vedder
Social Philosophy and Policy 31 (2), 252-280, 2015
Local Economic Freedom and Creative Destruction in America
DL Bennett
Small Business Economics, 2019
Economic freedom & happiness inequality: Friends or foes?
DL Bennett, B Nikolaev
Contemporary Economic Policy 35 (2), 373-391, 2017
Historical disease prevalence, cultural values, and global innovation
DL Bennett, B Nikolaev
Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice 45 (1), 145-174, 2021
25 Ways to Reduce the Cost of College.
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Subnational economic freedom and performance in the United States and Canada
DL Bennett
Cato J. 36, 165, 2016
The inmates running the asylum
A Gillen, DL Bennett, R Vedder
An analysis of, 2010
The profit motive in education: Continuing the revolution
J Stanfield, S Horwitz, D Bennett, B Bergstrom, P Emilsson, FM Hess, ...
Institute of Economic Affairs Monographs, Readings 65, 2012
Institutions & Well-Being
D Bennett, B Nikolaev, T Aidt
Local institutional heterogeneity & firm dynamism: Decomposing the metropolitan economic freedom index
DL Bennett
Small Business Economics, 2020
Misperceptions about capitalism, government and inequality
DL Bennett, RJ Cebula
Economic behavior, economic freedom, and entrepreneurship, 2015
Trends in the Higher Education Labor Force: Identifying Changes in Worker Composition and Productivity.
DL Bennett
Center for College Affordability and Productivity (NJ1), 2009
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