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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Does economic policy uncertainty predict the Bitcoin returns? An empirical investigation
E Demir, G Gozgor, CKM Lau, SA Vigne
Finance Research Letters 26, 145-149, 2018
Dynamic connectedness and integration in cryptocurrency markets
Q Ji, E Bouri, CKM Lau, D Roubaud
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Intra-and inter-regional return and volatility spillovers across emerging and developed markets: Evidence from stock indices and stock index futures
L Yarovaya, J Brzeszczyński, CKM Lau
International Review of Financial Analysis 43, 96-114, 2016
Energy consumption and economic growth: New evidence from the OECD countries
G Gozgor, CKM Lau, Z Lu
Energy 153, 27-34, 2018
Effects of the geopolitical risks on Bitcoin returns and volatility
AF Aysan, E Demir, G Gozgor, CKM Lau
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The causal relationship between Bitcoin attention and Bitcoin returns: Evidence from the Copula-based Granger causality test
S Dastgir, E Demir, G Downing, G Gozgor, CKM Lau
Finance Research Letters 28, 160-164, 2019
New evidence about regional income divergence in China
China Economic Review 21 (2), 293-309, 2010
Bitcoin and global financial stress: A copula-based approach to dependence and causality in the quantiles
E Bouri, R Gupta, CKM Lau, D Roubaud, S Wang
The Quarterly Review of Economics and Finance 69, 297-307, 2018
Trading volume and the predictability of return and volatility in the cryptocurrency market
E Bouri, CKM Lau, B Lucey, D Roubaud
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F Chau, R Deesomsak, MCK Lau
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Return spillovers between white precious metal ETFs: The role of oil, gold, and global equity
MCK Lau, SA Vigne, S Wang, L Yarovaya
International Review of Financial Analysis 52, 316-332, 2017
Experience-based corporate corruption and stock market volatility: Evidence from emerging markets
CKM Lau, E Demir, MH Bilgin
Emerging Markets Review 17, 1-13, 2013
Job search on the internet and its outcome
F Suvankulov, MCK Lau, FHC Chau
Internet Research, 2012
The effects of uncertainty measures on the price of gold
MH Bilgin, G Gozgor, CKM Lau, X Sheng
International Review of Financial Analysis 58, 1-7, 2018
The impact of US uncertainty on the Euro area in good and bad times: Evidence from a quantile structural vector autoregressive model
R Gupta, CKM Lau, ME Wohar
Empirica 46 (2), 353-368, 2019
Stock market comovements around the Global Financial Crisis: Evidence from the UK, BRICS and MIST markets
L Yarovaya, MCK Lau
Research in International Business and Finance 37, 605-619, 2016
Bank performance in China: A Perspective from Bank efficiency, risk-taking and market competition
J Fang, CKM Lau, Z Lu, Y Tan, H Zhang
Pacific-Basin Finance Journal 56, 290-309, 2019
Does global fear predict fear in BRICS stock markets? Evidence from a Bayesian Graphical Structural VAR model
E Bouri, R Gupta, S Hosseini, CKM Lau
Emerging Markets Review 34, 124-142, 2018
Time-varying impact of geopolitical risks on oil prices
J Cunado, R Gupta, CKM Lau, X Sheng
Defence and Peace Economics 31 (6), 692-706, 2020
Rethinking Financial Contagion: Information Transmission Mechanism During the COVID-19 Pandemic.
L Yarovaya, J Brzeszczynski, JW Goodell, BM Lucey, CK Lau
Available at SSRN 3602973, 2020
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