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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Evaluation of uncertainties associated with the determination of community drug use through the measurement of sewage drug biomarkers
S Castiglioni, L Bijlsma, A Covaci, E Emke, F Hernández, M Reid, C Ort, ...
Environmental science & technology 47 (3), 1452-1460, 2013
Comparing illicit drug use in 19 European cities through sewage analysis
KV Thomas, L Bijlsma, S Castiglioni, A Covaci, E Emke, R Grabic, ...
Science of the Total Environment 432, 432-439, 2012
Non-target screening with high-resolution mass spectrometry: critical review using a collaborative trial on water analysis
EL Schymanski, HP Singer, J Slobodnik, IM Ipolyi, P Oswald, M Krauss, ...
Analytical and bioanalytical chemistry 407 (21), 6237-6255, 2015
In situ calibration of a passive sampling device for selected illicit drugs and their metabolites in wastewater, and subsequent year-long assessment of community drug usage
C Harman, M Reid, KV Thomas
Environmental science & technology 45 (13), 5676-5682, 2011
Spatial differences and temporal changes in illicit drug use in E urope quantified by wastewater analysis
C Ort, ALN Van Nuijs, JD Berset, L Bijlsma, S Castiglioni, A Covaci, ...
Addiction 109 (8), 1338-1352, 2014
Environmental occurrence and risk of organic UV filters and stabilizers in multiple matrices in Norway
KH Langford, MJ Reid, E Fjeld, S Øxnevad, KV Thomas
Environment international 80, 1-7, 2015
Analysis and interpretation of specific ethanol metabolites, ethyl sulfate, and ethyl glucuronide in sewage effluent for the quantitative measurement of regional alcohol …
MJ Reid, KH Langford, J Mørland, KV Thomas
Alcoholism: Clinical and Experimental Research 35 (9), 1593-1599, 2011
Comparison of pharmaceutical, illicit drug, alcohol, nicotine and caffeine levels in wastewater with sale, seizure and consumption data for 8 European cities
JA Baz-Lomba, S Salvatore, E Gracia-Lor, R Bade, S Castiglioni, ...
BMC public health 16 (1), 1-11, 2016
Bioaccumulation and biological effects of cigarette litter in marine worms
SL Wright, D Rowe, MJ Reid, KV Thomas, TS Galloway
Scientific reports 5 (1), 1-10, 2015
Target and suspect screening of psychoactive substances in sewage-based samples by UHPLC-QTOF
JA Baz-Lomba, MJ Reid, KV Thomas
Analytica Chimica Acta 914, 81-90, 2016
Comparative measurement and quantitative risk assessment of alcohol consumption through wastewater-based epidemiology: An international study in 20 cities
Y Ryu, D Barceló, LP Barron, L Bijlsma, S Castiglioni, P De Voogt, ...
Science of the Total Environment 565, 977-983, 2016
The occurrence of second generation anticoagulant rodenticides in non-target raptor species in Norway
KH Langford, M Reid, KV Thomas
Science of the Total Environment 450, 205-208, 2013
Quantitative assessment of time dependent drug-use trends by the analysis of drugs and related metabolites in raw sewage
MJ Reid, KH Langford, J Mørland, KV Thomas
Drug and alcohol dependence 119 (3), 179-186, 2011
Spatio‐temporal assessment of illicit drug use at large scale: evidence from 7 years of international wastewater monitoring
I González‐Mariño, JA Baz‐Lomba, NA Alygizakis, MJ Andrés‐Costa, ...
Addiction 115 (1), 109-120, 2020
What else can the analysis of sewage for urinary biomarkers reveal about communities?
KV Thomas, MJ Reid
Environmental science & technology 45 (18), 7611-7612, 2011
Multi-residue screening of prioritised human pharmaceuticals, illicit drugs and bactericides in sediments and sludge
KH Langford, M Reid, KV Thomas
Journal of Environmental Monitoring 13 (8), 2284-2291, 2011
Analysis of new classes of recreational drugs in sewage: Synthetic cannabinoids and amphetamine‐like substances
MJ Reid, L Derry, KV Thomas
Drug testing and analysis 6 (1-2), 72-79, 2014
Mass spectrometric strategies for the investigation of biomarkers of illicit drug use in wastewater
F Hernández, S Castiglioni, A Covaci, P de Voogt, E Emke, ...
Mass spectrometry reviews 37 (3), 258-280, 2018
Exploring the potential of a global emerging contaminant early warning network through the use of retrospective suspect screening with high-resolution mass spectrometry
NA Alygizakis, S Samanipour, J Hollender, M Ibáñez, S Kaserzon, ...
Environmental science & technology 52 (9), 5135-5144, 2018
Biotransformation kinetics and sorption of cocaine and its metabolites and the factors influencing their estimation in wastewater
BG Plósz, MJ Reid, M Borup, KH Langford, KV Thomas
Water research 47 (7), 2129-2140, 2013
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