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Ahmet Faruk Aysan
Ahmet Faruk Aysan
Hamad Bin Khalifa University,
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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Effects of the geopolitical risks on Bitcoin returns and volatility
AF Aysan, E Demir, G Gozgor, CKM Lau
Research in International Business and Finance 47, 511-518, 2019
Concentration, competition, efficiency and profitability of the Turkish banking sector in the post-crises period
OF Abbasoglu, AF Aysan, A Gunes
Banks & bank systems, 106-115, 2007
Neoliberal globalisation, the nation-state and financial crises in the semi-periphery: a comparative analysis
Z Onis, AF Aysan
Third World Quarterly 21 (1), 119-139, 2000
Religiosity versus rationality: Depositor behavior in Islamic and conventional banks
AF Aysan, M Disli, M Duygun, H Ozturk
Journal of Comparative Economics 46 (1), 1-19, 2018
Is small the new big? Islamic banking for SMEs in Turkey
AF Aysan, M Disli, A Ng, H Ozturk
Economic Modelling 54, 187-194, 2016
Governance institutions and private investment: an application to the Middle East and North Africa
AF Aysan, MK Nabli, MA Véganzonès‐Varoudakis
The Developing Economies 45 (3), 339-377, 2007
What determines the banking sector performance in globalized financial markets? The case of Turkey
AF Aysan, ŞP Ceyhan
Physica A: Statistical Mechanics and its Applications 387 (7), 1593-1602, 2008
Managing short-term capital flows in new central banking: unconventional monetary policy framework in Turkey
AF Aysan, S Fendoglu, M Kilinc
Eurasian Economic Review 4, 45-69, 2014
In search of safe haven assets during COVID-19 pandemic: An empirical analysis of different investor types
M Disli, R Nagayev, K Salim, SK Rizkiah, AF Aysan
Research in International Business and Finance 58, 101461, 2021
Breaking the barriers to higher economic growth: better governance and deeper reforms in the Middle East and North Africa
MK Nabli
World Bank Publications, 2007
Bank lending channel in a dual banking system: why are Islamic banks so responsive?
AF Aysan, M Disli, H Ozturk
The World Economy 41 (3), 674-698, 2018
Islamic banks, deposit insurance reform, and market discipline: evidence from a natural framework
AF Aysan, M Disli, M Duygun, H Ozturk
Journal of Financial Services Research 51, 257-282, 2017
Do investor sentiments drive cryptocurrency prices?
E Akyildirim, AF Aysan, O Cepni, SPC Darendeli
Economics Letters 206, 109980, 2021
Turkey and the global economy: Neo-liberal restructuring and integration in the post-crisis era
Z Onis, F Senses
Routledge, 2009
The ascent of bitcoin: Bibliometric analysis of bitcoin research
AF Aysan, HB Demirtaş, M Saraç
Journal of Risk and Financial Management 14 (9), 427, 2021
Blockchain-based solutions in achieving SDGs after COVID-19
AF Aysan, F Bergigui, M Disli
Journal of Open Innovation: Technology, Market, and Complexity 7 (2), 151, 2021
Investigation on the determinants of Turkish export-boom in 2000s
AF Aysan, YS Hacihasanoglu
Macroprudential policies as buffer against volatile cross-border capital flows
AF Aysan, S Fendoğlu, M Kilinc
The Singapore Economic Review 60 (01), 1550001, 2015
Assessment of the participation banks and their role in financial inclusion in Turkey
AF Aysan, MH Dolgun, MI Turhan
Emerging Markets Finance and Trade 49 (sup5), 99-111, 2013
Does Islamic banking offer a natural hedge for business cycles? Evidence from a dual banking system
AF Aysan, H Ozturk
Journal of Financial Stability 36, 22-38, 2018
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