Associate Professor Veysel Kayser
Associate Professor Veysel Kayser
School of Pharmacy, The University of Sydney üzerinde doğrulanmış e-posta adresine sahip - Ana Sayfa
Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Design of therapeutic proteins with enhanced stability
N Chennamsetty, V Voynov, V Kayser, B Helk, BL Trout
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 106 (29), 11937-11942, 2009
The state-of-play and future of antibody therapeutics
Z Elgundi, M Reslan, E Cruz, V Sifniotis, V Kayser
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Aggregation-prone motifs in human immunoglobulin G
N Chennamsetty, B Helk, V Voynov, V Kayser, BL Trout
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Prediction of aggregation prone regions of therapeutic proteins
N Chennamsetty, V Voynov, V Kayser, B Helk, BL Trout
The journal of physical chemistry B 114 (19), 6614-6624, 2010
Glycosylation influences on the aggregation propensity of therapeutic monoclonal antibodies
V Kayser, N Chennamsetty, V Voynov, K Forrer, B Helk, BL Trout
Biotechnology Journal 6 (1), 38-44, 2011
Femtosecond electron-transfer reactions in mono-and polynucleotides and in DNA
GD Reid, DJ Whittaker, MA Day, DA Turton, V Kayser, JM Kelly, ...
Journal of the American Chemical Society 124 (19), 5518-5527, 2002
Evaluation of a non-Arrhenius model for therapeutic monoclonal antibody aggregation
V Kayser, N Chennamsetty, V Voynov, B Helk, K Forrer, BL Trout
Journal of pharmaceutical sciences 100 (7), 2526-2542, 2011
Predictive tools for stabilization of therapeutic proteins
V Voynov, N Chennamsetty, V Kayser, B Helk, BL Trout
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Design and application of antibody cysteine variants
V Voynov, N Chennamsetty, V Kayser, HJ Wallny, B Helk, BL Trout
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Dynamic fluctuations of protein-carbohydrate interactions promote protein aggregation
V Voynov, N Chennamsetty, V Kayser, B Helk, K Forrer, H Zhang, ...
PLoS One 4 (12), e8425, 2009
Energy migration in novel pH-triggered self-assembled β-sheet ribbons
V Kayser, DA Turton, A Aggeli, A Beevers, GD Reid, GS Beddard
Journal of the American Chemical Society 126 (1), 336-343, 2004
Monoclonal antibody therapy of solid tumors: clinical limitations and novel strategies to enhance treatment efficacy
E Cruz, V Kayser
Biologics: targets & therapy 13, 33, 2019
Comparison of the ATP binding sites of protein kinases using conformationally diverse bisindolylmaleimides
S Bartlett, GS Beddard, RM Jackson, V Kayser, C Kilner, A Leach, ...
Journal of the American Chemical Society 127 (33), 11699-11708, 2005
Conformational stability and aggregation of therapeutic monoclonal antibodies studied with ANS and Thioflavin T binding
V Kayser, N Chennamsetty, V Voynov, B Helk, BL Trout
MAbs 3 (4), 408-411, 2011
New compounds based on a benzimidazole nucleus: synthesis, characterization and cytotoxic activity against breast and colon cancer cell lines
S Akkoç, V Kayser, İÖ İlhan, DE Hibbs, Y Gök, PA Williams, B Hawkins, ...
Journal of Organometallic Chemistry 839, 98-107, 2017
Host-guest complexes of carboxylated pillar [n] arenes with drugs
NJ Wheate, KA Dickson, RR Kim, A Nematollahi, RB Macquart, V Kayser, ...
Journal of pharmaceutical sciences 105 (12), 3615-3625, 2016
Ionic liquids as biocompatible stabilizers of proteins
M Reslan, V Kayser
Biophysical reviews 10 (3), 781-793, 2018
N-Methylphthalimide-substituted benzimidazolium salts and PEPPSI Pd–NHC complexes: synthesis, characterization and catalytic activity in carbon–carbon bond-forming reactions
S Akkoç, Y Gök, İÖ İlhan, V Kayser
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Prediction of protein binding regions
N Chennamsetty, V Voynov, V Kayser, B Helk, BL Trout
Proteins: Structure, Function, and Bioinformatics 79 (3), 888-897, 2011
Tryptophan-tryptophan energy transfer and classification of tryptophan residues in proteins using a therapeutic monoclonal antibody as a model
V Kayser, N Chennamsetty, V Voynov, B Helk, BL Trout
Journal of fluorescence 21 (1), 275-288, 2011
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