Hikaru Sawai
Hikaru Sawai
National Institute of Technology, Ibaraki College
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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Remediation of toxic metal contaminated soil by washing with biodegradable aminopolycarboxylate chelants
ZA Begum, IMM Rahman, Y Tate, H Sawai, T Maki, H Hasegawa
Chemosphere 87 (10), 1161-1170, 2012
Recovery of indium from end-of-life liquid-crystal display panels using aminopolycarboxylate chelants with the aid of mechanochemical treatment
H Hasegawa, IMM Rahman, Y Egawa, H Sawai, ZA Begum, T Maki, ...
Microchemical Journal 106, 289-294, 2013
Effect of extraction variables on the biodegradable chelant-assisted removal of toxic metals from artificially contaminated European reference soils
ZA Begum, IMM Rahman, H Sawai, S Mizutani, T Maki, H Hasegawa
Water, Air, & Soil Pollution 224 (3), 1-21, 2013
Selective recovery of indium from the etching waste solution of the flat-panel display fabrication process
H Hasegawa, IMM Rahman, Y Umehara, H Sawai, T Maki, Y Furusho, ...
Microchemical Journal 110, 133-139, 2013
Stability Constants of Fe(III) and Cr(III) Complexes with dl-2-(2-Carboxymethyl)nitrilotriacetic Acid (GLDA) and 3-Hydroxy-2,2′-iminodisuccinic acid (HIDS) in …
ZA Begum, IMM Rahman, H Sawai, Y Tate, T Maki, H Hasegawa
Journal of Chemical & Engineering Data 57 (10), 2723-2732, 2012
Chelant-induced reclamation of indium from the spent liquid crystal display panels with the aid of microwave irradiation
H Hasegawa, IMM Rahman, Y Egawa, H Sawai, ZA Begum, T Maki, ...
Journal of hazardous materials 254, 10-17, 2013
Decontamination of spent iron-oxide coated sand from filters used in arsenic removal
IMM Rahman, ZA Begum, H Sawai, T Maki, H Hasegawa
Chemosphere 92 (2), 196-200, 2013
Selective recovery of indium from lead-smelting dust
H Sawai, IMM Rahman, Y Tsukagoshi, T Wakabayashi, T Maki, S Mizutani, ...
Chemical Engineering Journal 277, 219-228, 2015
Environmental hazards associated with open-beach breaking of end-of-life ships: a review
S Barua, IMM Rahman, MM Hossain, ZA Begum, I Alam, H Sawai, T Maki, ...
Environmental Science and Pollution Research 25 (31), 30880-30893, 2018
Chelator-assisted washing for the extraction of lead, copper, and zinc from contaminated soils: a remediation approach
H Hasegawa, MA Al Mamun, Y Tsukagoshi, K Ishii, H Sawai, ZA Begum, ...
Applied Geochemistry 109, 104397, 2019
Recovery of the rare metals from various waste ashes with the aid of temperature and ultrasound irradiation using chelants
H Hasegawa, IMM Rahman, Y Egawa, H Sawai, ZA Begum, T Maki, ...
Water, Air, & Soil Pollution 225 (9), 1-13, 2014
Decontamination of metal-contaminated waste foundry sands using an EDTA–NaOH–NH3 washing solution
H Sawai, IMM Rahman, M Fujita, N Jii, T Wakabayashi, ZA Begum, T Maki, ...
Chemical Engineering Journal 296, 199-208, 2016
Chelant-assisted depollution of metal-contaminated Fe-coated sands and subsequent recovery of the chemicals using solid-phase extraction systems
IMM Rahman, ZA Begum, H Sawai, M Ogino, Y Furusho, S Mizutani, ...
Water, Air, & Soil Pollution 226 (3), 1-12, 2015
Liquid electrode plasma-optical emission spectrometry combined with solid-phase preconcentration for on-site analysis of lead
S Barua, IMM Rahman, I Alam, M Miyaguchi, H Sawai, T Maki, ...
Journal of Chromatography B 1060, 190-199, 2017
Chelator-induced recovery of rare earths from end-of-life fluorescent lamps with the aid of mechano-chemical energy
H Hasegawa, ZA Begum, R Murase, K Ishii, H Sawai, AS Mashio, T Maki, ...
Waste Management 80, 17-25, 2018
Extractive decontamination of cesium-containing soil using a biodegradable aminopolycarboxylate chelator
H Sawai, IMM Rahman, C Lu, ZA Begum, M Saito, H Hasegawa
Microchemical Journal 134, 230-236, 2017
Solidification/stabilization: A remedial option for metal-contaminated soils
IMM Rahman, ZA Begum, H Sawai
Environmental Remediation Technologies for Metal-Contaminated Soils, 125-146, 2016
Chemical-induced washing remediation of metal-contaminated soils
ZA Begum, IMM Rahman, H Sawai, H Hasegawa
Environmental remediation technologies for metal-contaminated soils, 197-218, 2016
Temporal variations of accumulated cesium in natural soils after an uncharacteristic external exposure
H Sawai, IMM Rahman, C Lu, Y Tsukagoshi, ZA Begum, T Maki, ...
Microchemical Journal 118, 158-165, 2015
Selective Separation of Radiocesium from Complex Aqueous Matrices Using Dual Solid-Phase Extraction Systems
IMM Rahman, Y Ye, MF Alam, H Sawai, ZA Begum, Y Furusho, A Ohta, ...
Journal of Chromatography A 1654, 462476, 2021
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