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Positive surgical margins in robotic-assisted radical prostatectomy: impact of learning curve on oncologic outcomes
F Atug, EP Castle, SK Srivastav, SV Burgess, R Thomas, R Davis
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Long-term durability of laparoscopic decortication of symptomatic renal cysts
F Atug, SV Burgess, G Ruiz-Deya, F Mendes-Torres, EP Castle, ...
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F Atug, EP Castle, M Woods, SK Srivastav, R Thomas, R Davis
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Robot-assisted laparoscopic bladder diverticulectomy combined with photoselective vaporization of prostate: a case report and review of literature
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Doppler ultrasonography-guided pelvic plexus block before systematic needle biopsy of the prostate: a prospective randomized study
H Akpınar, İ Tüfek, F Atuğ, EH Esen, AR Kural
Urology 74 (2), 267-271. e1, 2009
Prognostic significance of p53 protein accumulation in stage pT1 transitional cell carcinoma of the bladder
G Toktaş, LN Türkeri, E Ünlüer, F Atuğ, C Murat, B Özveren, M Çalişkan, ...
International urology and nephrology 31 (4), 437-441, 1999
Transperitoneal versus extraperitoneal robotic-assisted radical prostatectomy: which one?
F Atug, R Thomas
Minerva urologica e nefrologica= The Italian journal of urology and …, 2007
Oncologic results, functional outcomes, and complication rates of robotic-assisted radical prostatectomy: multicenter experience in Turkey including 1,499 patients
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Ürolojide robotik cerrahi uygulamalari/The applications of robotic surgery in urology
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Slow progressive loss of renal function due to arteriovenous fistula caused by renal biopsy
EK Lang, V Earhart, F Atug, R Thomas, R Macchia
The Journal of urology 177 (2), 735, 2007
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