Michael Stiglmayr
Michael Stiglmayr
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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Representation of the non-dominated set in biobjective discrete optimization
D Vaz, L Paquete, CM Fonseca, K Klamroth, M Stiglmayr
Computers & Operations Research 63, 172-186, 2015
On the application of the Monge–Kantorovich problem to image registration
O Museyko, M Stiglmayr, K Klamroth, G Leugering
SIAM Journal on Imaging Sciences 2 (4), 1068-1097, 2009
Discrete and geometric branch and bound algorithms for medical image registration
F Pfeuffer, M Stiglmayr, K Klamroth
Annals of Operations Research 196 (1), 737-765, 2012
Easy to say they are hard, but hard to see they are easy—towards a categorization of tractable multiobjective combinatorial optimization problems
JR Figueira, CM Fonseca, P Halffmann, K Klamroth, L Paquete, S Ruzika, ...
Journal of Multi‐Criteria Decision Analysis 24 (1-2), 82-98, 2017
Registration of PE segment contour deformations in digital high-speed videos
M Stiglmayr, R Schwarz, K Klamroth, G Leugering, J Lohscheller
Medical image analysis 12 (3), 318-334, 2008
Gradient based biobjective shape optimization to improve reliability and cost of ceramic components
OT Doganay, H Gottschalk, C Hahn, K Klamroth, J Schultes, M Stiglmayr
Optimization and Engineering, 1-29, 2019
A branch & bound algorithm for medical image registration
M Stiglmayr, F Pfeuffer, K Klamroth
International Workshop on Combinatorial Image Analysis, 217-228, 2008
Introducing multiobjective complex systems
T Dietz, K Klamroth, K Kraus, S Ruzika, LE Schäfer, B Schulze, ...
European Journal of Operational Research 280 (2), 581-596, 2020
Exact algorithms for handling outliers in center location problems on networks using k-max functions
T Schnepper, K Klamroth, M Stiglmayr, J Puerto
European Journal of Operational Research 273 (2), 441-451, 2019
Multi-objective unconstrained combinatorial optimization: a polynomial bound on the number of extreme supported solutions
B Schulze, K Klamroth, M Stiglmayr
Journal of Global Optimization 74 (3), 495-522, 2019
Hypervolume Scalarization for Shape Optimization to Improve Reliability and Cost of Ceramic Components
J Schultes, M Stiglmayr, K Klamroth, C Hahn
Optimization and Engineering, 2021
GivEn—Shape Optimization for Gas Turbines in Volatile Energy Networks
J Backhaus, M Bolten, OT Doganay, M Ehrhardt, B Engel, C Frey, ...
Mathematical Modeling, Simulation and Optimization for Power Engineering and …, 2021
Efficient and Sparse Neural Networks by Pruning Weights in a Multiobjective Learning Approach
M Reiners, K Klamroth, M Stiglmayr
arXiv preprint arXiv:2008.13590, 2020
On the rectangular knapsack problem: approximation of a specific quadratic knapsack problem
B Schulze, M Stiglmayr, L Paquete, CM Fonseca, D Willems, S Ruzika
Mathematical Methods of Operations Research, 1-26, 2020
4.3 Computationally Expensive Functions and Large Scale Test Instances
D Brockhoff, G Eichfelder, CM Fonseca, SR Hunter, E Rigoni, M Stiglmayr
Scalability in Multiobjective Optimization, 79, 2020
On the multicriteria allocation problem
M Stiglmayr, JR Figueira, K Klamroth
Annals of Operations Research 222 (1), 535-549, 2014
Exploring bi-objective column generation
A Raith, S Moradi, M Ehrgott, M Stiglmayr
Proc. 46th Annual ORSNZ Conf., Victoria University, Wellington, 288-296, 2012
Registration for high speed video sequences of the PE segment using assignment problems
M Stiglmayr, R Schwarz, K Klamroth, G Leugering, J Lohscheller
Proceedings of EURO XXI, Reykjavik, Iceland, 2006
A local analysis to determine all optimal solutions of pk-max location problems on networks
T Schnepper, K Klamroth, J Puerto, M Stiglmayr
Discrete Applied Mathematics 296, 217-234, 2021
Event-based MILP models for ride-hailing applications
D Gaul, K Klamroth, M Stiglmayr
arXiv preprint arXiv:2103.01817, 2021
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