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Yener Akyuva
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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
The beneficial effects of 18β-glycyrrhetinic acid following oxidative and neuronal damage in brain tissue caused by global cerebral ischemia/reperfusion in a C57BL/J6 mouse model
MN Oztanir, O Ciftci, A Cetin, MA Durak, N Basak, Y Akyuva
Neurological Sciences 35 (8), 1221-1228, 2014
Alpha lipoic acid attenuates hypoxia-induced apoptosis, inflammation and mitochondrial oxidative stress via inhibition of TRPA1 channel in human glioblastoma cell line
HA Deveci, Y Akyuva, G Nur, M Nazıroğlu
Biomedicine & Pharmacotherapy 111, 292-304, 2019
Resveratrol attenuates hypoxia-induced neuronal cell death, inflammation and mitochondrial oxidative stress by modulation of TRPM2 channel
Y Akyuva, M Nazıroğlu
Scientific reports 10 (1), 1-16, 2020
Ergen öğrenciler arasında akran örselemesi ve depresyon belirtileriyle ilişkisi
O Sabuncuoğlu, Ö Ekinci, T Bahadır, Y Akyuva, E Altınöz, M Berkem
Klinik Psikiyatri 9, 27-35, 2006
The association between different molecular weights of hyaluronic acid and CHAD, HIF-1α, COL2A1 expression in chondrocyte cultures
DY Sirin, N Kaplan, I Yilmaz, N Karaarslan, H Ozbek, Y Akyuva, YE Kaya, ...
Experimental and therapeutic medicine 15 (5), 4205-4212, 2018
Pregabalin treatment for neuropathic pain may damage intervertebral disc tissue
N Karaarslan, I Yilmaz, DY Sirin, H Ozbek, N Kaplan, YE Kaya, Y Akyuva, ...
Experimental and therapeutic medicine 16 (2), 1259-1265, 2018
Are specific gene expressions of extracellular matrix and nucleus pulposus affected by primary cell cultures prepared from intact or degenerative intervertebral disc tissues?
AO Karaarslan N, Yilmaz I, Ozbek H, Sirin Yasar D, Kaplan N, Akyuva Y ...
Turk Neurosurg. 22210 (17), 2, 2018
Neuronal regeneration in injured rat spinal cord after human dental pulp derived neural crest stem cell transplantation
A Kircelli, C Yilmaz, S Kabatas, CS Demir, E Civelek, I Yilmaz, Y Akyuva, ...
Is it possible to treat osteosarcoma using oligonucleotides confined into controlled release drug delivery systems?
S Topuk, Y Akyuva, N Karaaslan, CA Mutlu, I Yilmaz, M Isyar, DY Sirin, ...
Current pharmaceutical biotechnology 18 (6), 516-522, 2017
How Scaffolds, which are Polymeric Drug DeliverySystems Allowing Controlled Release, can be Tested inHuman Primary Nucleus Pulposus and AnnulusFibrosus Cell Cultures?
Y Akyuva, N Karaarslan, İ Yılmaz, H Özbek, DY Şirin, MS Gürbüz, ...
Merit Research Journal of Medicine and Medical Sciences, 2017
Are radio‐contrast agents commonly used in discography toxic to the intact intervertebral disc tissue cells?
N Karaarslan, I Yilmaz, H Ozbek, D Yasar Sirin, N Kaplan, T Caliskan, ...
Basic & clinical pharmacology & toxicology 124 (2), 181-189, 2019
Can a biodegradable implanted bilayered drug delivery system loaded with BMP-2/BMP-12 take an effective role in the biological repair process of bone–tendon injuries? A …
B Komur, Y Akyuva, N Karaslan, M Isyar, SA Gumustas, I Yilmaz, ...
Journal of pharmaceutics 2017, 2017
Morphine induces apoptosis, inflammation, and mitochondrial oxidative stress via activation of TRPM2 channel and nitric oxide signaling pathways in the hippocampus
HÖ Osmanlıoğlu, MK Yıldırım, Y Akyuva, K Yıldızhan, M Nazıroğlu
Molecular Neurobiology 57 (8), 3376-3389, 2020
Effects of etanercept, a tumor necrosis factor receptor fusion protein, on primary cell cultures prepared from intact human intervertebral disc tissue
T Caliskan, D Yasar Sirin, N Karaarslan, I Yilmaz, H Ozbek, Y Akyuva, ...
Experimental and therapeutic medicine 18 (1), 69-76, 2019
Investigation of the effect of dipyrone on cells isolated from intervertebral disc tissue
FS Akgun, DY Sirin, I Yilmaz, N Karaarslan, H Ozbek, AT Simsek, ...
Experimental and therapeutic medicine 18 (1), 216-224, 2019
Delivering growth factors through a polymeric scaffold to cell cultures containing both nucleus pulposus and annulus fibrosus
Y Akyuva, N Kaplan, İ Yılmaz, H Özbek, D Yaşar Şirin, N Karaaslan, ...
Turkish Neurosurgical Society, 2019
Selenium prevents interferon-gamma induced activation of TRPM2 channel and inhibits inflammation, mitochondrial oxidative stress, and apoptosis in microglia
Y Akyuva, M Nazıroğlu, K Yıldızhan
Metabolic Brain Disease 36 (2), 285-298, 2021
Will it be possible to prevent lumbar degenerative disc diseases in the future by means of vitamin D receptor gene manipulation?
N Karaarslan, YE Kaya, İ Yılmaz, H Özbek, BE Bilir, N Kaplan, DY Şirin, ...
Merit Research Journal of Medicine and Medical Sciences, 2017
Lumbar spinal angiolipoma with expanding left neural foramen mimicking lumbar schwannoma; Case report and review of the literature
Y Akyuva, A Gonultas, N Karaaslan, ZG Dagci, S Saglik, M Isyar, ...
The open neurology journal 11, 20, 2017
Bullying and its relationship to symptoms of depression in adolescent students
O Sabuncuoğlu, Y Akyuva, E Altınöz, M Berkem
Turkish Journal of Clinical Psychiatry 9 (1), 27-35, 2006
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