Uwe Sauer
Uwe Sauer
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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Robustness of cellular functions
J Stelling, U Sauer, Z Szallasi, FJ Doyle III, J Doyle
Cell 118 (6), 675-685, 2004
Systematic evaluation of objective functions for predicting intracellular fluxes in Escherichia coli
R Schuetz, L Kuepfer, U Sauer
Molecular systems biology 3 (1), 119, 2007
Metabolic networks in motion: 13C‐based flux analysis
U Sauer
Molecular systems biology 2 (1), 62, 2006
The maternal microbiota drives early postnatal innate immune development
MG de Agüero, SC Ganal-Vonarburg, T Fuhrer, S Rupp, Y Uchimura, H Li, ...
Science 351 (6279), 1296-1302, 2016
A consensus yeast metabolic network reconstruction obtained from a community approach to systems biology
MJ Herrgård, N Swainston, P Dobson, WB Dunn, KY Arga, M Arvas, ...
Nature biotechnology 26 (10), 1155-1160, 2008
13 C-based metabolic flux analysis
N Zamboni, SM Fendt, M Rühl, U Sauer
Nature protocols 4 (6), 878-892, 2009
The soluble and membrane-bound transhydrogenases UdhA and PntAB have divergent functions in NADPH metabolism of Escherichia coli
U Sauer, F Canonaco, S Heri, A Perrenoud, E Fischer
Journal of Biological Chemistry 279 (8), 6613-6619, 2004
The PEP—pyruvate—oxaloacetate node as the switch point for carbon flux distribution in bacteria: We dedicate this paper to Rudolf K. Thauer, Director of the Max-Planck …
U Sauer, BJ Eikmanns
FEMS microbiology reviews 29 (4), 765-794, 2005
Metabolic flux profiling of Escherichia coli mutants in central carbon metabolism using GC‐MS
E Fischer, U Sauer
European Journal of Biochemistry 270 (5), 880-891, 2003
Multidimensional optimality of microbial metabolism
R Schuetz, N Zamboni, M Zampieri, M Heinemann, U Sauer
Science 336 (6081), 601-604, 2012
A roadmap for interpreting 13C metabolite labeling patterns from cells
JM Buescher, MR Antoniewicz, LG Boros, SC Burgess, H Brunengraber, ...
Current opinion in biotechnology 34, 189-201, 2015
Quantitative phosphoproteomics reveal mTORC1 activates de novo pyrimidine synthesis
AM Robitaille, S Christen, M Shimobayashi, M Cornu, LL Fava, S Moes, ...
Science 339 (6125), 1320-1323, 2013
Metabolic Flux Ratio Analysis of Genetic and Environmental Modulations of Escherichia coli Central Carbon Metabolism
UWE Sauer, DR Lasko, J Fiaux, M Hochuli, R Glaser, T Szyperski, ...
Journal of bacteriology 181 (21), 6679-6688, 1999
Experimental identification and quantification of glucose metabolism in seven bacterial species
T Fuhrer, E Fischer, U Sauer
Journal of bacteriology 187 (5), 1581-1590, 2005
Large-scale 13 C-flux analysis reveals mechanistic principles of metabolic network robustness to null mutations in yeast
LM Blank, L Kuepfer, U Sauer
Genome biology 6 (6), 1-16, 2005
Coordination of microbial metabolism
V Chubukov, L Gerosa, K Kochanowski, U Sauer
Nature Reviews Microbiology 12 (5), 327-340, 2014
Getting closer to the whole picture
U Sauer, M Heinemann, N Zamboni
Science(Washington) 316 (5824), 550-551, 2007
Contributions of engineered surface salt bridges to the stability of T4 lysozyme determined by directed mutagenesis
DP Sun, U Sauer, H Nicholson, BW Matthews
Biochemistry 30 (29), 7142-7153, 1991
Large-scale in vivo flux analysis shows rigidity and suboptimal performance of Bacillus subtilis metabolism
E Fischer, U Sauer
Nature genetics 37 (6), 636-640, 2005
Evolutionary engineering of industrially important microbial phenotypes
U Sauer
Metabolic engineering, 129-169, 2001
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