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Pieter van Baal
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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Lifetime medical costs of obesity: prevention no cure for increasing health expenditure
PHM van Baal, JJ Polder, GA de Wit, RT Hoogenveen, TL Feenstra, ...
PLoS medicine 5 (2), e29, 2008
Exploring the influence of proximity to death on disease‐specific hospital expenditures: A carpaccio of red herrings
A Wong, PHM van Baal, HC Boshuizen, JJ Polder
Health economics 20 (4), 379-400, 2011
Cost-effectiveness of lifestyle modification in diabetic patients
MAM Jacobs-van der Bruggen, PH van Baal, RT Hoogenveen, ...
Diabetes care 32 (8), 1453-1458, 2009
Diabetes mellitus in the Netherlands: estimate of the current disease burden and prognosis for 2025
CA Baan, PH Van Baal, MA Jacobs-Van der Bruggen, H Verkley, MJ Poos, ...
Nederlands tijdschrift voor geneeskunde 153, A580-A580, 2009
Unrelated medical costs in Life-Years gained
DR Rappange, PHM van Baal, NJA van Exel, TL Feenstra, FFH Rutten, ...
Pharmacoeconomics 26 (10), 815-830, 2008
Unrelated medical care in life years gained and the cost utility of primary prevention: in search of a ‘perfect’cost–utility ratio
PHM Van Baal, TL Feenstra, RT Hoogenveen, G Ardine de Wit, ...
Health economics 16 (4), 421-433, 2007
Estimating health-adjusted life expectancy conditional on risk factors: results for smoking and obesity
PHM Van Baal, RT Hoogenveen, AG de Wit, HC Boshuizen
Population Health Metrics 4 (1), 1-13, 2006
Mortality risk associated with disability: a population-based record linkage study
IM Majer, WJ Nusselder, JP Mackenbach, B Klijs, PHM Van Baal
American Journal of Public Health 101 (12), e9-e15, 2011
DYNAMO-HIA–a dynamic modeling tool for generic health impact assessments
SK Lhachimi, WJ Nusselder, HA Smit, P Van Baal, P Baili, K Bennett, ...
PloS one 7 (5), e33317, 2012
Chronic disease projections in heterogeneous ageing populations: approximating multi-state models of joint distributions by modelling marginal distributions
RT Hoogenveen, PHM van Baal, HC Boshuizen
Mathematical medicine and biology: a journal of the IMA 27 (1), 1-19, 2010
Standardizing the inclusion of indirect medical costs in economic evaluations
PHM van Baal, A Wong, LCJ Slobbe, JJ Polder, WBF Brouwer, GA de Wit
Pharmacoeconomics 29 (3), 175-187, 2011
Dynamic effects of smoking cessation on disease incidence, mortality and quality of life: The role of time since cessation
RT Hoogenveen, PHM van Baal, HC Boshuizen, TL Feenstra
Cost effectiveness and resource allocation 6 (1), 1-15, 2008
Disability weights for comorbidity and their influence on health-adjusted life expectancy
PHM Van Baal, N Hoeymans, RT Hoogenveen, AG de Wit, GP Westert
Population Health Metrics 4 (1), 1-7, 2006
Increasing tobacco taxes: a cheap tool to increase public health
PHM van Baal, WBF Brouwer, RT Hoogenveen, TL Feenstra
Health Policy 82 (2), 142-152, 2007
To die with or from heart failure: a difference that counts: is heart failure underrepresented in national mortality statistics?
PM Engelfriet, RT Hoogenveen, HC Boshuizen, PHM van Baal
European journal of heart failure 13 (4), 377-383, 2011
The DYNAMO-HIA model: an efficient implementation of a risk factor/chronic disease Markov model for use in Health Impact Assessment (HIA)
HC Boshuizen, SK Lhachimi, PHM van Baal, RT Hoogenveen, HA Smit, ...
Demography 49 (4), 1259-1283, 2012
Economic evaluation and the postponement of health care costs
PHM van Baal, TL Feenstra, JJ Polder, RT Hoogenveen, WBF Brouwer
Health economics 20 (4), 432-445, 2011
Cost-effectiveness of a low-calorie diet and orlistat for obese persons: modeling long-term health gains through prevention of obesity-related chronic diseases
PHM Van Baal, M Van Den Berg, RT Hoogenveen, SMC Vijgen, ...
Value in Health 11 (7), 1033-1040, 2008
When is it too expensive? Cost-effectiveness thresholds and health care decision-making
W Brouwer, P van Baal, J van Exel, M Versteegh
The European Journal of Health Economics 20 (2), 175-180, 2019
Modeling and forecasting health expectancy: theoretical framework and application
IM Majer, R Stevens, WJ Nusselder, JP Mackenbach, PHM van Baal
Demography 50 (2), 673-697, 2013
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