Barbara Vis
Barbara Vis
Professor of Politics and Governance üzerinde doğrulanmış e-posta adresine sahip - Ana Sayfa
Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
The Comparative Advantages of fsQCA and Regression Analysis for Moderately Large-N Analyses
B Vis
Sociological Methods & Research 41 (1), 168-198, 2012
Why and how do political actors pursue risky reforms?
B Vis, K Van Kersbergen
Journal of Theoretical Politics 19 (2), 153-172, 2007
To what extent did the financial crisis intensify the pressure to reform the welfare state?
B Vis, K van Kersbergen, T Hylands
Social Policy & Administration 45 (4), 338-353, 2011
Comparative welfare state politics
K Van Kersbergen, B Vis
Cambridge University Press, 2014
Why do parties change position? Party organization and environmental incentives
G Schumacher, CE De Vries, B Vis
The Journal of Politics 75 (2), 464-477, 2013
The G reat R ecession and Welfare State Reform: Is Retrenchment Really the Only Game Left in Town?
K Van Kersbergen, B Vis, A Hemerijck
Social Policy & Administration 48 (7), 883-904, 2014
Politics of risk-taking: welfare state reform in advanced democracies
B Vis
Amsterdam Univ Pr, 2010
States of welfare or states of workfare? Welfare state restructuring in 16 capitalist democracies, 1985–2002
B Vis
Policy & Politics 35 (1), 105-122, 2007
Governments and unpopular social policy reform: Biting the bullet or steering clear?
B Vis
European Journal of Political Research 48 (1), 31-57, 2009
Political parties’ welfare image, electoral punishment and welfare state retrenchment
G Schumacher, B Vis, K Van Kersbergen
Comparative European Politics 11 (1), 1-21, 2013
Taking stock of the comparative literature on the role of blame avoidance strategies in social policy reform
B Vis
Journal of Comparative Policy Analysis: Research and Practice 18 (2), 122-137, 2016
Prospect theory and political decision making
B Vis
Political Studies Review 9 (3), 334-343, 2011
The importance of socio-economic and political losses and gains in welfare state reform
B Vis
Journal of European Social Policy 19 (5), 395-407, 2009
How aspiration to office conditions the impact of government participation on party platform change
G Schumacher, M Van de Wardt, B Vis, MB Klitgaard
American Journal of Political Science 59 (4), 1040-1054, 2015
Do politicians take risks like the rest of us? An experimental test of prospect theory under MPs
J Linde, B Vis
Political Psychology 38 (1), 101-117, 2017
European welfare states in motion
AC Hemerijck, V Dräbing, B Vis, ML Nelson, MFF Soentken
Under which conditions does spending on active labor market policies increase? An fsQCA analysis of 53 governments between 1985 and 2003
B Vis
European Political Science Review: EPSR 3 (2), 229, 2011
The politics of welfare state reform in the Netherlands: Explaining a never-ending puzzle
B Vis, K Van Kersbergen, U Becker
Acta Politica 43 (2), 333-356, 2008
Three worlds’ typology: Moving beyond normal science?
K Van Kersbergen, B Vis
Journal of European Social Policy 25 (1), 111-123, 2015
The Times They are Changing?: Crisis and the Welfare State
B Greve
John Wiley & Sons, 2012
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