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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Influence of the internal inertia of the building envelope on summertime comfort in buildings with high internal heat loads
C Di Perna, F Stazi, AU Casalena, M D’orazio
Energy and Buildings 43 (1), 200-206, 2011
A literature review on driving factors and contextual events influencing occupants' behaviours in buildings
F Stazi, F Naspi, M D'Orazio
Building and Environment 118, 40-66, 2017
Agent-based model for earthquake pedestrians’ evacuation in urban outdoor scenarios: Behavioural patterns definition and evacuation paths choice
M D’Orazio, L Spalazzi, E Quagliarini, G Bernardini
Safety science 62, 450-465, 2014
Durability of self-cleaning TiO2 coatings on fired clay brick façades: Effects of UV exposure and wet & dry cycles
L Graziani, E Quagliarini, F Bondioli, M D'Orazio
Building and Environment 71, 193-203, 2014
Green roof yearly performance: A case study in a highly insulated building under temperate climate
M D’orazio, C Di Perna, E Di Giuseppe
Energy and Buildings 55, 439-451, 2012
Experimental measurements and numerical model for the summer performance assessment of extensive green roofs in a Mediterranean coastal climate
F Olivieri, C Di Perna, M D’Orazio, L Olivieri, J Neila
Energy and Buildings 63, 1-14, 2013
Moisture buffering capacity of highly absorbing materials
S Cerolini, M D’orazio, C Di Perna, A Stazi
Energy and Buildings 41 (2), 164-168, 2009
Evaluation of inhibitory effect of TiO2 nanocoatings against microalgal growth on clay brick façades under weak UV exposure conditions
L Graziani, E Quagliarini, A Osimani, L Aquilanti, F Clementi, ...
Building and Environment 64, 38-45, 2013
Towards creating a combined database for earthquake pedestrians’ evacuation models
G Bernardini, E Quagliarini, M D’Orazio
Safety science 82, 77-94, 2016
The effects of roof covering on the thermal performance of highly insulated roofs in Mediterranean climates
M D’Orazio, C Di Perna, E Di Giuseppe
Energy and Buildings 42 (10), 1619-1627, 2010
Towards a “behavioural design” approach for seismic risk reduction strategies of buildings and their environment
G Bernardini, M D’Orazio, E Quagliarini
Safety science 86, 273-294, 2016
Effects of water absorption and surface roughness on the bioreceptivity of ETICS compared to clay bricks
M D'Orazio, G Cursio, L Graziani, L Aquilanti, A Osimani, F Clementi, ...
Building and environment 77, 20-28, 2014
EPES–Earthquake pedestrians׳ evacuation simulator: A tool for predicting earthquake pedestrians׳ evacuation in urban outdoor scenarios
E Quagliarini, G Bernardini, L Spalazzi
International journal of disaster risk reduction 10, 153-177, 2014
Energy performance evaluation of a novel evaporative cooling technique
B Naticchia, M D’Orazio, A Carbonari, I Persico
Energy and Buildings 42 (10), 1926-1938, 2010
An agent-based model for earthquake pedestrians’ evacuation simulation in urban scenarios
G Bernardini, M D’Orazio, E Quagliarini, L Spalazzi
Transportation Research Procedia 2, 255-263, 2014
Design and experimental evaluation of an interactive system for pre-movement time reduction in case of fire
M D'Orazio, S Longhi, P Olivetti, G Bernardini
Automation in Construction 52, 16-28, 2015
Effects of roof tile permeability on the thermal performance of ventilated roofs: Analysis of annual performance
M D’orazio, C Di Perna, P Principi, A Stazi
Energy and Buildings 40 (5), 911-916, 2008
The role of roughness and porosity on the self-cleaning and anti-biofouling efficiency of TiO2-Cu and TiO2-Ag nanocoatings applied on fired bricks
L Graziani, E Quagliarini, M D’Orazio
Construction and Building Materials 129, 116-124, 2016
Experimental operating cell temperature assessment of BIPV with different installation configurations on roofs under Mediterranean climate
M D'Orazio, C Di Perna, E Di Giuseppe
Renewable energy 68, 378-396, 2014
Probabilistic life cycle costing of existing buildings retrofit interventions towards nZE target: Methodology and application example
E Di Giuseppe, M Iannaccone, M Telloni, M D’Orazio, C Di Perna
Energy and Buildings 144, 416-432, 2017
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