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Maria Soledad Aronna
Maria Soledad Aronna
FGV EMAp, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Quadratic order conditions for bang-singular extremals
MS Aronna, JF Bonnans, AV Dmitruk, P Lotito
AIMS Journal - Numerical Algebra, Control and Optimization 2 (3), 511 - 546, 2012
A shooting algorithm for optimal control problems with singular arcs
M Soledad Aronna, J Frédéric Bonnans, P Martinon
Journal of Optimization Theory and Applications 158, 419-459, 2013
A model for COVID-19 with isolation, quarantine and testing as control measures
MS Aronna, R Guglielmi, LM Moschen
Epidemics 34, 2020
Ensuring successful introduction of Wolbachia in natural populations of Aedes aegypti by means of feedback control
PAJ Bliman, MS Aronna, FC Coelho, MAHB da Silva
Journal of Mathematical Biology 76 (5), 1269-1300, 2018
Optimal control: Novel directions and applications
D Tonon, MS Aronna, D Kalise
Springer, 2017
Optimal control of infinite dimensional bilinear systems: Application to the heat and wave equations
MS Aronna, F Bonnans, A Kröner
Mathematical Programming 168 (1-2), 717-757, 2018
Second order analysis of control-affine problems with scalar state constraint
MS Aronna, F Bonnans, BS Goh
Mathematical Programming 160 (1-2), 115-147, 2016
Infimum Gaps for Limit Solutions
MS Aronna, M Motta, F Rampazzo
Set-Valued and Variational Analysis 23 (1), 3-22, 2015
L^1 limit solutions for control systems
M Aronna, F Rampazzo
Journal of Differential Equations 258 (3), 954–979, 2015
On nonlinear pest/vector control via the Sterile Insect Technique: impact of residual fertility
MS Aronna, Y Dumont
Bulletin of Mathematical Biology (https://arxiv.org/abs/2005.05595) 82 (110), 2020
First and second order optimality conditions for the control of Fokker-Planck equations
MS Aronna, F Troeltzsch
ESAIM: Control, Optimisation and Calculus of Variations 27, 15, 2021
Second order necessary and sufficient optimality conditions for singular solutions of partially-affine control problems
MS Aronna
Discrete and Continuous Dynamical Systems Series S 11 (6), 1179-1199, 2018
Optimal control of PDEs in a complex space setting; application to the Schrödinger equation
MS Aronna, F Bonnans, A Kröner
SIAM Journal on Control and Optimization 57 (2), 1390–1412, 2019
A note on systems with ordinary and impulsive controls
M Aronna, F Rampazzo
IMA Journal of Mathematical Control and Information 33 (2), 147-162, 2016
A Higher-order Maximum Principle for Impulsive Optimal Control Problems
MS Aronna, M Motta, F Rampazzo
SIAM Journal on Control and Optimization 58 (2), 814–844, 2020
Estimate of the rate of unreported COVID-19 cases during the first outbreak in Rio de Janeiro
MS Aronna, R Guglielmi, LM Moschen
Infectious Disease Modelling 7 (3), 317-332, 2022
Singular solutions in optimal control: second order conditions and a shooting algorithm
MS Aronna
arXiv preprint arXiv:1210.7425, 2012
Global stabilizing feedback law for a problem of biological control of mosquito-borne diseases
PA Bliman, MS Aronna, FC Coelho, MAHB da Silva
Decision and Control (CDC), 2015 IEEE 54th Annual Conference on, 3206-3211, 2015
On optimal control problems with impulsive commutative dynamics
MS Aronna, F Rampazzo
52nd IEEE Conference on Decision and Control, 1822-1827, 2013
Second order analysis of optimal control problems with singular arcs: optimality conditions and shooting algorithm
MS Aronna
Ecole Polytechnique, France, 2011
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