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Alessandro NADDEO
Alessandro NADDEO
Professore Associato, Disegno e Metodi dell'Ingegneria Indistriale, Università di Salerno
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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Proposal of a new quantitative method for postural comfort evaluation
A Naddeo, N Cappetti, C D'Oria
International Journal of Industrial Ergonomics 48, 25-35, 2015
Postural comfort evaluation: experimental identification of Range of Rest Posture for human articular joints
A Apostolico, N Cappetti, C D’Oria, A Naddeo, M Sestri
International Journal on Interactive Design and Manufacturing (IJIDeM) 8 (2 …, 2014
Postural comfort inside a car: development of an innovative model to evaluate the discomfort level
N Alessandro, M Sandro
SAE Int. J. Passeng. Cars-Mech. Syst 2 (1), 1065-1070, 2009
The role of expectation in comfort perception: the mattresses’ evaluation experience
A Naddeo, N Cappetti, R Califano, M Vallone
Procedia Manufacturing 3, 4784-4791, 2015
New trend line of research about comfort evaluation: proposal of a framework for weighing and evaluating contributes coming from cognitive, postural and physiologic comfort …
A Naddeo, N Cappetti, M Vallone, R Califano
Advances in Social and Organizational Factors, Edited by Peter Vink …, 2014
FEM modeling of the reinforcement mechanism of hydroxyapatite in PLLA scaffolds produced by supercritical drying, for tissue engineering applications
L Baldino, F Naddeo, S Cardea, A Naddeo, E Reverchon
Journal of the mechanical behavior of biomedical materials 51, 225-236, 2015
Methodology development of human task simulation as PLM solution related to OCRA ergonomic analysis
M Annarumma, M Pappalardo, A Naddeo
Computer-Aided Innovation (CAI), 19-29, 2008
Failure mode analysis using axiomatic design and non-probabilistic information
M Pappalardo, A Naddeo
Journal of Materials Processing Technology 164, 1423-1429, 2005
Novel “load adaptive algorithm based” procedure for 3D printing of cancellous bone-inspired structures
F Naddeo, N Cappetti, A Naddeo
Composites Part B: Engineering 115, 60-69, 2017
The effect of human-mattress interface's temperature on perceived thermal comfort
R Califano, A Naddeo, P Vink
Applied Ergonomics 58, 334-341, 2017
Postural analysis in HMI design: an extension of OCRA standard to evaluate discomfort level
A Naddeo, C D’Oria, N Cappetti, M Pappalardo
Integrating and applying models of comfort
N Mansfield, A Naddeo, S Frohriep, P Vink
Applied ergonomics 82, 102917, 2020
Manual assembly workstation redesign based on a new quantitative method for postural comfort evaluation
A Naddeo, N Cappetti, R Califano, M Vallone
Applied Mechanics and Materials 459, 368-379, 2014
A study of classroom seat (dis) comfort: Relationships between body movements, center of pressure on the seat, and lower limbs' sensations
L Fasulo, A Naddeo, N Cappetti
Applied Ergonomics 74, 233-240, 2019
Novel “load adaptive algorithm based” procedure for 3D printing of lattice-based components showing parametric curved micro-beams
F Naddeo, A Naddeo, N Cappetti
Composites Part B: Engineering 115, 51-59, 2017
Effect of in-seat exercising on comfort perception of airplane passengers
JMA Bouwens, L Fasulo, S Hiemstra-van Mastrigt, UW Schultheis, ...
Applied Ergonomics 73, 7-12, 2018
Finite elements/Taguchi method based procedure for the identification of the geometrical parameters significantly affecting the biomechanical behavior of a lumbar disc
N Cappetti, A Naddeo, F Naddeo, GF Solitro
Computer methods in biomechanics and biomedical engineering 19 (12), 1278-1285, 2016
Comfort driven redesign methods: an application to mattresses production systems
M Vallone, A Naddeo, N Cappetti, R Califano
The Open Mechanical Engineering Journal 9 (1), 492-507, 2015
Dashboard reachability and usability tests: a cheap and effective method for drivers' comfort rating
A Naddeo, N Cappetti, O Ippolito
Applied Ergonomics 43, 277-282, 2014
Automatic versatile parametric procedure for a complete FEM structural analysis of composites having cylinder-shaped reinforcing fibres
F Naddeo, N Cappetti, A Naddeo
Computational materials science 81, 239-245, 2014
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