Simantini Nayak
Simantini Nayak
Scientist at CSIR-IMMT; Past: Postdoc at University of Oxford, PhD at MPI Dusseldorf üzerinde doğrulanmış e-posta adresine sahip
Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Mechanism for rapid growth of organic–inorganic halide perovskite crystals
PK Nayak, DT Moore, B Wenger, S Nayak, AA Haghighirad, A Fineberg, ...
Nature communications 7 (1), 1-8, 2016
Solution-Processed Cesium Hexabromopalladate(IV), Cs2PdBr6, for Optoelectronic Applications
N Sakai, AA Haghighirad, MR Filip, PK Nayak, S Nayak, A Ramadan, ...
Journal of the American Chemical Society 139 (17), 6030-6033, 2017
Edge-Enriched 2D MoS2 Thin Films Grown by Chemical Vapor Deposition for Enhanced Catalytic Performance
S Li, S Wang, MM Salamone, AW Robertson, S Nayak, H Kim, SCE Tsang, ...
ACS Catalysis 7 (1), 877-886, 2017
Facile synthesis of ultra-small monodisperse ceria nanocrystals at room temperature and their catalytic activity under visible light
YS Chaudhary, S Panigrahi, S Nayak, B Satpati, S Bhattacharjee, ...
Journal of Materials Chemistry 20 (12), 2381-2385, 2010
Electrochemical characterization of direct electron uptake in electrical microbially influenced corrosion of iron by the lithoautotrophic SRB Desulfopila corrodens strain IS4
PF Beese-Vasbender, S Nayak, A Erbe, M Stratmann, KJJ Mayrhofer
Electrochimica Acta 167, 321-329, 2015
A mechanistic study of the electrochemical oxygen reduction on the model semiconductor n-Ge (100) by ATR-IR and DFT
S Nayak, PU Biedermann, M Stratmann, A Erbe
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 15 (16), 5771-5781, 2013
In situ infrared spectroscopic investigation of intermediates in the electrochemical oxygen reduction on n-Ge (1 0 0) in alkaline perchlorate and chloride electrolyte
S Nayak, PU Biedermann, M Stratmann, A Erbe
Electrochimica Acta 106, 472-482, 2013
Tunable Metal-Polyaniline Interface for Efficient Carbon Dioxide Electro-reduction to Formic acid and Methanol in Aqueous Solution
W Zheng, S Nayak, W Yuan, Z Zeng, X Hong, KA Vincent, E Tsang
Chemical Communication 52, 13901-13904, 2016
Facile synthesis of nanostructured hydroxyapatite–titania bio-implant scaffolds with different morphologies: their bioactivity and corrosion behaviour
S Nayak, B Satpati, RK Shukla, A Dhawan, S Bhattacharjee, ...
Journal of Materials Chemistry 20 (23), 4949-4954, 2010
Synchrotron-based Infrared Microanalysis of Biological Redox Processes under Electrochemical Control
PA Ash, HA Reeve, J Quinson, R Hidalgo, T Zhu, IJ McPherson, ...
Analytical chemistry 88 (13), 6666–6671, 2016
Adsorbed intermediates in oxygen reduction on platinum nanoparticles observed by in situ IR spectroscopy
S Nayak, IJ McPherson, KA Vincent
Angewandte Chemie 130 (39), 13037-13040, 2018
10 nm deep, sub-nanoliter fluidic nanochannels on germanium for attenuated total reflection infrared (ATR-IR) spectroscopy
KK Sriram, S Nayak, S Pengel, CF Chou, A Erbe
Analyst 142, 273-278, 2017
Vibrational spectroscopic study of pH dependent solvation at a Ge(100)-water interface during an electrode potential triggered surface termination transition
F Niu, M Rabe, S Nayak, A Erbe
The Journal of Chemical Physics 148, 222824, 2018
Mechanism of the potential-triggered surface transformation of germanium in acidic medium studied by ATR-IR spectroscopy
S Nayak, A Erbe
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 18, 25100-25109, 2016
How to probe structure, kinetics, and dynamics at complex interfaces in situ and operando by optical spectroscopy
A Erbe, S Nayak, YH Chen, F Niu, M Pander, S Tecklenburg, C Toparli
Encyclopedia of Interfacial Chemistry, 199-219, 2018
Investigation of electrochemical oxygen reduction on semiconductor surfaces by attenuated total internal reflection infrared spectroscopy
S Nayak
An investigation on the effect of morphologies on corrosion behaviour of nanostructured hydroxyapatite-titania scaffolds
S Nayak, KK Nanda, PC Rath, S Bhattacharjee, YS Chaudhary
Journal of Bionanoscience 4 (1-2), 87-91, 2010
Attenuated total reflection mid-IR-spectroscopy for electrochemical applications using a QCL
S Pengel, B Schönberger, S Nayak, A Erbe
Laser Applications to Chemical, Security and Environmental Analysis, LT6B. 1, 2012
Optical fingerprints of solid-liquid interfaces: a joint ATR-IR and\emph {first principles} investigation
L Yang, F Niu, S Tecklenburg, M Pander, S Nayak, A Erbe, S Wippermann, ...
Bulletin of the American Physical Society 62, 2017
Optical fingerprints of solid-liquid interfaces: a joint ATR-IR and first principles investigation
L Yang, F Niu, S Tecklenburg, M Pander, S Nayak, A Erbe, S Wippermann, ...
APS 2017, E26. 008, 2017
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