Max Post van der Burg
Max Post van der Burg
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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Land use and wetland drainage affect water levels and dynamics of remaining wetlands
LA McCauley, MJ Anteau, MP van der Burg, MT Wiltermuth
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Modeling fecundity in birds: conceptual overview, current models, and considerations for future developments
MA Etterson, SN Ellis-Felege, D Evers, G Gauthier, JA Grzybowski, ...
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Brine contamination to aquatic resources from oil and gas development in the Williston Basin, United States
RA Gleason, TLC by Chesley-Preston, JL Coleman Jr, SS Haines, ...
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Successes and Challenges from Formation to Implementation of Eleven Broad‐Extent Conservation Programs
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AJ Tyre, JT Peterson, SJ Converse, T Bogich, D Miller, MP van der Burg, ...
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MJ Anteau, MT Wiltermuth, MP van der Burg, AT Pearse
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Estimating nest density when detectability is incomplete: variation in nest attendance and response to disturbance by western meadowlarks
MD Giovanni, MP Van Der Burg, LC Anderson, LA Powell, WH Schacht, ...
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Finding the Smoothest Path to Success: Model Complexity and the Consideration of Nonlinear Patterns in Nest-Survival Data
M Post van der Burg, LA Powell, AJ Tyre
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Integrating info-gap decision theory with robust population management: a case study using the Mountain Plover
M Post van Der Burg, AJ Tyre
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Optimizing historic preservation under climate change: Decision support for cultural resource adaptation planning in national parks
X Xiao, E Seekamp, MP van der Burg, M Eaton, S Fatorić, A McCreary
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Monitoring and modeling wetland chloride concentrations in relationship to oil and gas development
M Post van der Burg, BA Tangen
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Making better sense of monitoring data from low density species using a spatially explicit modelling approach
M Post van der Burg, B Bly, T VerCauteren, AJ Tyre
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Consolidation drainage and climate change may reduce Piping Plover habitat in the Great Plains
LA McCauley, MJ Anteau, MP van der Burg
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Factors affecting songbird nest survival and brood parasitism in the Rainwater Basin region of Nebraska
M Post van der Burg
Land use and wetland drainage affect water levels and dynamics of remaining wetlands. Ecosphere 6 (6): 92
LA McCauley, MJ Anteau, MP van der Burg, MT Wiltermuth
Understanding and finding solutions to the problem of sedimentation in the National Wildlife Refuge System
MP van der Burg, KE Jenni, TL Nieman, JD Eash, GA Knutsen
Journal of Fish and Wildlife Management 8 (2), 648-660, 2017
Modeling parasitism rate and parasitism risk: an illustration using a colonially nesting songbird, the red‐winged blackbird Agelaius phoeniceus
M Post van der Burg, LA Powell, AJ Tyre
Journal of Avian Biology 40 (3), 263-270, 2009
Potential effects of energy development on environmental resources of the Williston Basin in Montana, North Dakota, and South Dakota—Species of conservation concern: Chapter D …
MP van der Burg, AJ Symstad, LD Igl, DM Mushet, DL Larson, ...
Scientific Investigations Report, 2017
On the role of budget sufficiency, cost efficiency, and uncertainty in species management
M Post van der Burg, BB Bly, T Vercauteren, JB Grand, AJ Tyre
The Journal of wildlife management 78 (1), 153-163, 2014
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