Mosayeb Naseri
Mosayeb Naseri
Associate Professor of Physics, Islamic Azad University, Kermanshah Branch, IRAN üzerinde doğrulanmış e-posta adresine sahip - Ana Sayfa
Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Micromorphology characterization of copper thin films by AFM and fractal analysis
A Arman, Ş Ţălu, C Luna, A Ahmadpourian, M Naseri, ...
Journal of Materials Science: Materials in Electronics 26 (12), 9630-9639, 2015
Secure quantum sealed-bid auction
M Naseri
Optics communications 282 (9), 1939-1943, 2009
A novel LSB based quantum watermarking
S Heidari, M Naseri
International Journal of Theoretical Physics 55 (10), 4205-4218, 2016
A new secure quantum watermarking scheme
M Naseri, S Heidari, M Baghfalaki, R Gheibi, J Batle, A Farouk, A Habibi
Optik 139, 77-86, 2017
Improved secure quantum sealed-bid auction
YG Yang, M Naseri, QY Wen
Optics communications 282 (20), 4167-4170, 2009
Shareability of correlations in multiqubit states: Optimization of nonlocal monogamy inequalities
J Batle, M Naseri, M Ghoranneviss, A Farouk, M Alkhambashi, ...
Physical Review A 95 (3), 032123, 2017
Red-Green-Blue multi-channel quantum representation of digital images
M Abdolmaleky, M Naseri, J Batle, A Farouk, LH Gong
Optik 128, 121-132, 2017
Secure quantum sealed-bid auction with post-confirmation
Z Zhao, M Naseri, Y Zheng
Optics communications 283 (16), 3194-3197, 2010
Equilibrium and uniform charge distribution of a classical two-dimensional system of point charges with hard-wall confinement
J Batle, O Ciftja, M Naseri, M Ghoranneviss, A Farouk, M Elhoseny
Physica Scripta 92 (5), 055801, 2017
Penta-P2X (X=C, Si) monolayers as wide-bandgap semiconductors: A first principles prediction
M Naseri, S Lin, J Jalilian, J Gu, Z Chen
Frontiers of Physics 13 (3), 138102, 2018
Casimir effect in Krein space quantization
H Khosravi, M Naseri, S Rouhani, MV Takook
Physics Letters B 640 (1-2), 48-51, 2006
Thickness dependence of the structural and electrical properties of ZnO thermal-evaporated thin films
A Ghaderi, SM Elahi, S Solaymani, M Naseri, M Ahmadirad, S Bahrami, ...
Pramana 77 (6), 1171-1178, 2011
Characterization of microroughness parameters in Cu-C nanocomposite prepared by co-deposition of RF-sputtering and RF-PECVD
S Solaymani, SM Elahi, NB Nezafat, H Zahrabi, A Boochani, M Naseri
The European Physical Journal Applied Physics 64 (1), 11301, 2013
Robust general N user authentication scheme in a centralized quantum communication network via generalized GHZ states
A Farouk, J Batle, M Elhoseny, M Naseri, M Lone, A Fedorov, ...
Frontiers of Physics 13 (2), 130306, 2018
All-optical half-subtractor with low-time delay based on two-dimensional photonic crystals
F Parandin, MR Malmir, M Naseri
Superlattices and Microstructures 109, 437-441, 2017
Electronic and optical investigations of Be2C monolayer: Under stress and strain conditions
M Naseri, J Jalilian
Materials Research Bulletin 88, 49-55, 2017
Comment on:“Characterization of Microroughness Parameters in Titanium Nitride Thin Films Grown by DC Magnetron Sputtering”[J Fusion Energ
S Solaymani, A Ghaderi, NB Nezafat
Journal of fusion energy 31 (6), 591-591, 2012
Penta-SiC5 monolayer: a novel quasi-planar indirect semiconductor with a tunable wide band gap
M Naseri
Physics Letters A 382 (10), 710-715, 2018
Quantum red–green–blue image steganography
S Heidari, MR Pourarian, R Gheibi, M Naseri, M Houshmand
International Journal of Quantum Information 15 (05), 1750039, 2017
Arsenic carbide monolayer: first principles prediction
M Naseri
Applied Surface Science 423, 566-570, 2017
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