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Qichao Ruan (阮启超)
Qichao Ruan (阮启超)
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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Amelogenin and enamel biomimetics
Q Ruan, J Moradian-Oldak
Journal of Materials Chemistry B 3 (16), 3112-3129, 2015
An amelogenin–chitosan matrix promotes assembly of an enamel-like layer with a dense interface
Q Ruan, Y Zhang, X Yang, S Nutt, J Moradian-Oldak
Acta biomaterialia 9 (7), 7289-7297, 2013
Smart Hydrogels Co‐switched by Hydrogen Bonds and π–π Stacking for Continuously Regulated Controlled‐Release System
F Li, Y Zhu, B You, D Zhao, Q Ruan, Y Zeng, C Ding
Advanced Functional Materials 20 (4), 669-676, 2010
Dipolar molecules as impellers achieving electric-field-stimulated release
Y Zhu, H Liu, F Li, Q Ruan, H Wang, M Fujiwara, L Wang, GQ Lu
Journal of the American Chemical Society 132 (5), 1450-1451, 2010
Microstructures and tribological properties of plasma sprayed WC–Co–Cu–BaF2/CaF2 self-lubricating wear resistant coatings
J Yuan, Y Zhu, H Ji, X Zheng, Q Ruan, Y Niu, Z Liu, Y Zeng
Applied surface science 256 (16), 4938-4944, 2010
Repairing human tooth enamel with leucine-rich amelogenin peptide–chitosan hydrogel
K Mukherjee, Q Ruan, D Liberman, SN White, J Moradian-Oldak
Journal of Materials Research 31 (5), 556-563, 2016
Amelogenin–chitosan matrix for human enamel regrowth: effects of viscosity and supersaturation degree
Q Ruan, N Siddiqah, X Li, S Nutt, J Moradian-Oldak
Connective tissue research 55 (sup1), 150-154, 2014
Matrix metalloproteinase-20 mediates dental enamel biomineralization by preventing protein occlusion inside apatite
S Prajapati, J Tao, Q Ruan, JJ DeYoreo, J Moradian-Oldak
Biomaterials 75, 260–270, 2016
Ultrasonic-irradiation-assisted oriented assembly of ordered monetite nanosheets stacking
Q Ruan, Y Zhu, Y Zeng, H Qian, J Xiao, F Xu, L Zhang, D Zhao
The Journal of Physical Chemistry B 113 (4), 1100-1106, 2009
Investigation of layer-by-layer assembled heparin and chitosan multilayer films via electrochemical spectroscopy
Q Ruan, Y Zhu, F Li, J Xiao, Y Zeng, F Xu
Journal of colloid and interface science 333 (2), 725-733, 2009
Peptide-based bioinspired approach to regrowing multilayered aprismatic enamel
K Mukherjee, Q Ruan, S Nutt, J Tao, JJ De Yoreo, J Moradian-Oldak
Acs Omega 3 (3), 2546-2557, 2018
Development of amelogenin-chitosan hydrogel for in vitro enamel regrowth with a dense interface
Q Ruan, J Moradian-Oldak
JoVE (Journal of Visualized Experiments), e51606, 2014
Efficacy of amelogenin-chitosan hydrogel in biomimetic repair of human enamel in pH-cycling systems
Q Ruan, D Liberman, K Balakrishna Chandrababu, JH Phark, ...
Journal of Biomedical Engineering and Informatics 2 (1), 119-128, 2016
Superstructures and mineralization of laminated vaterite mesocrystals via mesoscale transformation and self-assembly
Y Zhu, Y Liu, Q Ruan, Y Zeng, J Xiao, Z Liu, L Cheng, F Xu, L Zhang
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 113 (16), 6584-6588, 2009
Improvement in tribological properties of atmospheric plasma-sprayed WC–Co coating followed by Cu electrochemical impregnation
J Yuan, Y Zhu, X Zheng, Q Ruan, H Ji
Applied Surface Science 255 (18), 7959-7965, 2009
Biomacromolecule and surfactant complex matrix for oriented stack of 2-dimensional carbonated hydroxyapatite nanosheets as alignment in calcified tissues
J Xiao, Y Zhu, Q Ruan, Y Liu, Y Zeng, F Xu, L Zhang
Crystal growth & design 10 (4), 1492-1499, 2010
The Presence of MMP-20 Reinforces Biomimetic Enamel Regrowth
S Prajapati, Q Ruan, K Mukherjee, S Nutt, J Moradian-Oldak
Journal of Dental Research, 2017
Polymorph selection and nanocrystallite rearrangement of calcium carbonate in carboxymethyl chitosan aqueous solution: Thermodynamic and kinetic analysis
D Zhao, Y Zhu, F Li, Q Ruan, S Zhang, L Zhang, F Xu
Materials Research Bulletin 45 (1), 80-87, 2010
Assembly of Layered Monetite-Chitosan Nanocomposite and Its Transition to Organized Hydroxyapatite
Q Ruan, D Liberman, Y Zhang, D Ren, Y Zhang, SR Nutt, ...
ACS Biomaterials Science & Engineering 2 (6), 1049–1058, 2016
Amelogenin affects brushite crystal morphology and promotes its phase transformation to monetite
D Ren, Q Ruan, J Tao, J Lo, S Nutt, J Moradian-Oldak
Crystal Growth & Design, 2016
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