Mohammad Kazem Rofouei
Mohammad Kazem Rofouei
Professor of Analytical Chemistry, Kharazmi University, Iran üzerinde doğrulanmış e-posta adresine sahip
Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Multi-walled carbon nanotubes-ionic liquid-carbon paste electrode as a super selectivity sensor: application to potentiometric monitoring of mercury ion (II)
H Khani, MK Rofouei, P Arab, VK Gupta, Z Vafaei
Journal of hazardous materials 183 (1-3), 402-409, 2010
An investigation on the new operational parameter effective in Cr (VI) removal efficiency: A study on electrocoagulation by alternating pulse current
E Keshmirizadeh, S Yousefi, MK Rofouei
Journal of hazardous materials 190 (1-3), 119-124, 2011
Solid phase extraction of ultra traces silver (I) using octadecyl silica membrane disks modified by 1, 3-bis (2-cyanobenzene) triazene (CBT) ligand prior to determination by …
MK Rofouei, M Payehghadr, M Shamsipur, A Ahmadalinezhad
Journal of hazardous materials 168 (2-3), 1184-1187, 2009
Solid phase extraction and determination of ultra trace amounts of copper (II) using octadecyl silica membrane disks modified by 11-hydroxynaphthacene-5, 12-quinone and flame …
M Shamsipur, A Avanes, MK Rofouei, H Sharghi, G Aghapour
Talanta 54 (5), 863-869, 2001
Solid phase extraction of ultra traces mercury (II) using octadecyl silica membrane disks modified by 1, 3-bis (2-ethoxyphenyl) triazene (EPT) ligand and determination by cold …
MK Rofouei, A Sabouri, A Ahmadalinezhad, H Ferdowsi
Journal of hazardous materials 192 (3), 1358-1363, 2011
Synthesis of mesoporous lanthanum phosphate and its use as a novel sorbent
M Anbia, MK Rofouei, SW Husain
Chinese journal of chemistry 24 (8), 1026-1030, 2006
Selective extraction and preconcentration of ultra-trace level of mercury ions in water and fish samples using Fe 3 O 4-magnetite-nanoparticles functionalized by triazene …
MK Rofouei, A Rezaei, M Masteri-Farahani, H Khani
Analytical Methods 4 (4), 959-966, 2012
Speciation analysis of mercury contaminants in water samples by RP-HPLC after solid phase extraction on modified C18 extraction disks with 1, 3-bis (2-cyanobenzene) triazene
T Hashempur, MK Rofouei, AR Khorrami
Microchemical Journal 89 (2), 131-136, 2008
Syntheses, structures, thermal behavior and solution studies of two types of Hg (II) complexes with [1, 3-di (2-methoxy) benzene] triazene
MK Rofouei, M Hematyar, V Ghoulipour, JA Gharamaleki
Inorganica Chimica Acta 362 (10), 3777-3784, 2009
Structural and solution studies of a novel tetranuclear silver (I) cluster of [1, 3-di (2-methoxy) benzene] triazene
M Payehghadr, MK Rofouei, A Morsali, M Shamsipur
Inorganica chimica acta 360 (6), 1792-1798, 2007
A novel extraction and preconcentration of ultra-trace levels of uranium ions in natural water samples using functionalized magnetic-nanoparticles prior to their determination …
A Rezaei, H Khani, M Masteri-Farahani, MK Rofouei
Analytical Methods 4 (12), 4107-4114, 2012
Novel platinum (II) selective membrane electrode based on 1, 3-bis (2-cyanobenzene) triazene
MB Gholivand, M Mohammadi, M Khodadadian, MK Rofouei
Talanta 78 (3), 922-928, 2009
A new fluorescence sensor for Cerium (III) ion using glycine dithiocarbamate capped manganese doped ZnS quantum dots
MK Rofouei, N Tajarrod, M Masteri-Farahani, R Zadmard
Journal of fluorescence 25 (6), 1855-1866, 2015
Optical sensor based on 1, 3-di (2-methoxyphenyl) triazene for monitoring trace amounts of mercury (II) in water samples
MB Gholivand, M Mohammadi, MK Rofouei
Materials Science and Engineering: C 30 (6), 847-852, 2010
Development of a novel MWCNTs–triazene-modified carbon paste electrode for potentiometric assessment of Hg (II) in the aquatic environments
MH Mashhadizadeh, S Ramezani, MK Rofouei
Materials Science and Engineering: C 47, 273-280, 2015
Triphenylphosphite as a good reagent for the diasteroselective synthesis of phosphonate esters
MT Maghsoodlou, SM Habibi-Khorassani, MK Rofouei, SR Adhamdoust, ...
Arkivoc 12, 145-151, 2006
Mesoporous lanthanum tungstate as a novel sorbent for removal of heavy metal ions from aqueous media
M Anbia, MK Rofouei, SW Husain
Asian Journal of Chemistry 19 (5), 3862, 2007
Conductance Study of the Thermodynamics of Complexation of K+, Rb+, Cs+ and Tl+ Ions with Dibenzo-24-crown-8 in Binary Acetonitrile–Nitromethane Mixtures
M Taghdiri, MK Rofouei, M Shamsipur
Journal of Inclusion Phenomena and Macrocyclic Chemistry 58 (1-2), 181-186, 2007
Crystal Structure of Triazene-1, 3-di (2-methoxyphenyl)
Analytical Sciences: X-ray Structure Analysis Online 22, x79-x80, 2006
A bucky gel consisting of Fe 3 O 4 nanoparticles, graphene oxide and ionic liquid as an efficient sorbent for extraction of heavy metal ions from water prior to their …
MK Rofouei, S Jamshidi, S Seidi, A Saleh
Microchimica acta 184 (9), 3425-3432, 2017
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