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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Software-defined networking
K Kirkpatrick
Communications of the ACM 56 (9), 16-19, 2013
Mobile-edge computing: Partial computation offloading using dynamic voltage scaling
Y Wang, M Sheng, X Wang, L Wang, J Li
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Duck egg-drop syndrome caused by BYD virus, a new Tembusu-related flavivirus
J Su, S Li, X Hu, X Yu, Y Wang, P Liu, X Lu, G Zhang, X Hu, D Liu, X Li, ...
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Advanced microwave sounding unit cloud and precipitation algorithms
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A survey on routing protocols for large-scale wireless sensor networks
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Radiative–Convective Processes in Simulated Diurnal Variations ofTropical Oceanic Convection
CH Sui, X Li, KM Lau
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Large-scale forcing and cloud–radiation interaction in the tropical deep convective regime
X Li, CH Sui, KM Lau, MD Chou
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Optimal power control for cognitive radio networks under coupled interference constraints: A cooperative game-theoretic perspective
CG Yang, JD Li, Z Tian
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Pathogenic pseudorabies virus, China, 2012
X Yu, Z Zhou, D Hu, Q Zhang, T Han, X Li, X Gu, L Yuan, S Zhang, ...
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Expression of the SRY-related HMG box protein SOX2 in human gastric carcinoma
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Learning category-specific dictionary and shared dictionary for fine-grained image categorization
S Gao, IWH Tsang, Y Ma
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Surface rainfall processes as simulated in a cloud‐resolving model
S Gao, X Cui, Y Zhou, X Li
Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres 110 (D10), 2005
A convective vorticity vector associated with tropical convection: A two‐dimensional cloud‐resolving modeling study
S Gao, F Ping, X Li, WK Tao
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Performance evaluation of modified IEEE 802.11 MAC for multi-channel multi-hop ad hoc networks
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Dominant cloud microphysical processes in a tropical oceanic convective system: A 2D cloud resolving modeling study
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TEM study of calcium phosphate precipitation on bioactive titanium surfaces
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Multiscale air–sea interactions during TOGA COARE
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Energy efficiency and delay tradeoff in device-to-device communications underlaying cellular networks
M Sheng, Y Li, X Wang, J Li, Y Shi
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On the definition of precipitation efficiency
CH Sui, X Li, MJ Yang
Journal of the Atmospheric Sciences 64 (12), 4506-4513, 2007
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