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Dr. Mohamed Abd Elaziz
Dr. Mohamed Abd Elaziz
Associate Professor, Galala University
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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
The arithmetic optimization algorithm
L Abualigah, A Diabat, S Mirjalili, M Abd Elaziz, AH Gandomi
Computer methods in applied mechanics and engineering 376, 113609, 2021
Aquila optimizer: a novel meta-heuristic optimization algorithm
L Abualigah, D Yousri, M Abd Elaziz, AA Ewees, MAA Al-Qaness, ...
Computers & Industrial Engineering 157, 107250, 2021
Reptile Search Algorithm (RSA): A nature-inspired meta-heuristic optimizer
L Abualigah, M Abd Elaziz, P Sumari, ZW Geem, AH Gandomi
Expert Systems with Applications 191, 116158, 2022
Modeling of solar energy systems using artificial neural network: A comprehensive review
AH Elsheikh, SW Sharshir, M Abd Elaziz, AE Kabeel, W Guilan, Z Haiou
Solar Energy 180, 622-639, 2019
Parameter estimation of photovoltaic cells using an improved chaotic whale optimization algorithm
D Oliva, M Abd El Aziz, AE Hassanien
Applied energy 200, 141-154, 2017
Whale optimization algorithm and moth-flame optimization for multilevel thresholding image segmentation
M Abd El Aziz, AA Ewees, AE Hassanien
Expert Systems with Applications 83, 242-256, 2017
Optimization Method for Forecasting Confirmed Cases of COVID-19 in China
M Al-qaness, Mohammed AA and Ewees, Ahmed A and Fan, Hong and Abd Elaziz
Journal of Clinical Medicine 9, 674, 2020
New machine learning method for image-based diagnosis of COVID-19
AT Elaziz, Mohamed Abd and Hosny, Khalid M and Salah, Ahmad and Darwish ...
PloS one 15 (6), e0235187, 2020
An improved opposition-based sine cosine algorithm for global optimization
M Abd Elaziz, D Oliva, S Xiong
Expert Systems with Applications 90, 484-500, 2017
Improved salp swarm algorithm based on particle swarm optimization for feature selection
RA Ibrahim, AA Ewees, D Oliva, M Abd Elaziz, S Lu
Journal of Ambient Intelligence and Humanized Computing 10, 3155-3169, 2019
Improved grasshopper optimization algorithm using opposition-based learning
AA Ewees, M Abd Elaziz, EH Houssein
Expert Systems with Applications 112, 156-172, 2018
Parameter estimation of solar cells diode models by an improved opposition-based whale optimization algorithm
M Abd Elaziz, D Oliva
Energy conversion and management 171, 1843-1859, 2018
COVID-19 image classification using deep features and fractional-order marine predators algorithm
AT Sahlol, D Yousri, AA Ewees, MAA Al-Qaness, R Damasevicius, ...
Scientific reports 10 (1), 15364, 2020
An enhanced productivity prediction model of active solar still using artificial neural network and Harris Hawks optimizer
FA Essa, M Abd Elaziz, AH Elsheikh
Applied Thermal Engineering 170, 115020, 2020
Task scheduling in cloud computing based on hybrid moth search algorithm and differential evolution
M Abd Elaziz, S Xiong, KPN Jayasena, L Li
Knowledge-Based Systems 169, 39-52, 2019
Review on applications of particle swarm optimization in solar energy systems
AH Elsheikh, M Abd Elaziz
International Journal of Environmental Science and Technology 16, 1159-1170, 2019
Chaotic opposition-based grey-wolf optimization algorithm based on differential evolution and disruption operator for global optimization
RA Ibrahim, M Abd Elaziz, S Lu
Expert systems with applications 108, 1-27, 2018
Modified cuckoo search algorithm with rough sets for feature selection
MAE Aziz, AE Hassanien
Neural Computing and Applications 29, 925-934, 2018
Forecasting gold price fluctuations using improved multilayer perceptron neural network and whale optimization algorithm
Z Alameer, M Abd Elaziz, AA Ewees, H Ye, Z Jianhua
Resources Policy 61, 250-260, 2019
Utilization of LSTM neural network for water production forecasting of a stepped solar still with a corrugated absorber plate
AH Elsheikh, VP Katekar, OL Muskens, SS Deshmukh, M Abd Elaziz, ...
Process Safety and Environmental Protection 148, 273-282, 2021
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