Christina Newcomb
Christina Newcomb
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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Biomimetic systems for hydroxyapatite mineralization inspired by bone and enamel
LC Palmer, CJ Newcomb, SR Kaltz, ED Spoerke, SI Stupp
Chemical reviews 108 (11), 4754-4783, 2008
Supramolecular nanostructures that mimic VEGF as a strategy for ischemic tissue repair
MJ Webber, J Tongers, CJ Newcomb, KT Marquardt, J Bauersachs, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 108 (33), 13438-13443, 2011
Energy landscapes and functions of supramolecular systems
F Tantakitti, J Boekhoven, X Wang, RV Kazantsev, T Yu, J Li, E Zhuang, ...
Nature materials 15 (4), 469-476, 2016
Bone regeneration with low dose BMP-2 amplified by biomimetic supramolecular nanofibers within collagen scaffolds
SS Lee, BJ Huang, SR Kaltz, S Sur, CJ Newcomb, SR Stock, RN Shah, ...
Biomaterials 34 (2), 452-459, 2013
Pathway selection in peptide amphiphile assembly
PA Korevaar, CJ Newcomb, EW Meijer, SI Stupp
Journal of the American Chemical Society 136 (24), 8540-8543, 2014
Spontaneous and x-ray–triggered crystallization at long range in self-assembling filament networks
H Cui, ET Pashuck, YS Velichko, SJ Weigand, AG Cheetham, ...
Science 327 (5965), 555-559, 2010
Switching of self-assembly in a peptide nanostructure with a specific enzyme
MJ Webber, CJ Newcomb, R Bitton, SI Stupp
Soft matter 7 (20), 9665-9672, 2011
Cell death versus cell survival instructed by supramolecular cohesion of nanostructures
CJ Newcomb, S Sur, JH Ortony, OS Lee, JB Matson, J Boekhoven, JM Yu, ...
Nature communications 5 (1), 1-10, 2014
Internal dynamics of a supramolecular nanofibre
JH Ortony, CJ Newcomb, JB Matson, LC Palmer, PE Doan, BM Hoffman, ...
Nature materials 13 (8), 812-816, 2014
The powerful functions of peptide-based bioactive matrices for regenerative medicine
CMR Pérez, N Stephanopoulos, S Sur, SS Lee, C Newcomb, SI Stupp
Annals of biomedical engineering 43 (3), 501-514, 2015
Nanostructure-templated control of drug release from peptide amphiphile nanofiber gels
JB Matson, CJ Newcomb, R Bitton, SI Stupp
Soft Matter 8 (13), 3586-3595, 2012
Developing a molecular picture of soil organic matter–mineral interactions by quantifying organo–mineral binding
CJ Newcomb, NP Qafoku, JW Grate, VL Bailey, JJ De Yoreo
Nature communications 8 (1), 1-8, 2017
Tuning supramolecular mechanics to guide neuron development
S Sur, CJ Newcomb, MJ Webber, SI Stupp
Biomaterials 34 (20), 4749-4757, 2013
Biological synthesis of tooth enamel instructed by an artificial matrix
Z Huang, CJ Newcomb, P Bringas Jr, SI Stupp, ML Snead
Biomaterials 31 (35), 9202-9211, 2010
Photodynamic control of bioactivity in a nanofiber matrix
S Sur, JB Matson, MJ Webber, CJ Newcomb, SI Stupp
ACS nano 6 (12), 10776-10785, 2012
Electrostatic control of bioactivity
JE Goldberger, EJ Berns, R Bitton, CJ Newcomb, SI Stupp
Angewandte Chemie 123 (28), 6416-6419, 2011
Tuning crystallization pathways through sequence engineering of biomimetic polymers
X Ma, S Zhang, F Jiao, CJ Newcomb, Y Zhang, A Prakash, Z Liao, ...
Nature materials 16 (7), 767-774, 2017
Precision templating with DNA of a virus-like particle with peptide nanostructures
Y Ruff, T Moyer, CJ Newcomb, B Demeler, SI Stupp
Journal of the American Chemical Society 135 (16), 6211-6219, 2013
The role of nanoscale architecture in supramolecular templating of biomimetic hydroxyapatite mineralization
CJ Newcomb, R Bitton, YS Velichko, ML Snead, SI Stupp
Small 8 (14), 2195-2202, 2012
Alginate–peptide amphiphile core–shell microparticles as a targeted drug delivery system
J Boekhoven, RH Zha, F Tantakitti, E Zhuang, R Zandi, CJ Newcomb, ...
RSC advances 5 (12), 8753-8756, 2015
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