Elena Vakonaki
Elena Vakonaki
Laboratory of Toxicology Science &Research, Medical School, University of Crete, Heraklion, Greece.
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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
A global assessment of phthalates burden and related links to health effects
I Katsikantami, S Sifakis, MN Tzatzarakis, E Vakonaki, OI Kalantzi, ...
Environment international 97, 212-236, 2016
Estimation of daily intake and risk assessment of organophosphorus pesticides based on biomonitoring data–the internal exposure approach
I Katsikantami, C Colosio, A Alegakis, MN Tzatzarakis, E Vakonaki, ...
Food and chemical toxicology 123, 57-71, 2019
Detection and genotype analysis of human papillomavirus in non-small cell lung cancer patients
E Sarchianaki, SP Derdas, M Ntaoukakis, E Vakonaki, ED Lagoudaki, ...
Tumor Biology 35 (4), 3203-3209, 2014
Biomonitoring of organophosphate exposure of pesticide sprayers and comparison of exposure levels with other population groups in Thessaly (Greece)
M Koureas, A Tsakalof, M Tzatzarakis, E Vakonaki, A Tsatsakis, ...
Occupational and Environmental Medicine 71 (2), 126-133, 2014
Pesticides and oncogenic modulation
E Vakonaki, VP Androutsopoulos, J Liesivuori, AM Tsatsakis, ...
Toxicology 307, 42-45, 2013
Biomonitoring of bisphenol A in hair of Greek population
MN Tzatzarakis, E Vakonaki, MP Kavvalakis, M Barmpas, EN Kokkinakis, ...
Chemosphere 118, 336-341, 2015
Long-term exposure of rabbits to imidaclorpid as quantified in blood induces genotoxic effect
PD Stivaktakis, MP Kavvalakis, MN Tzatzarakis, AK Alegakis, ...
Chemosphere 149, 108-113, 2016
Bisphenol A in soft drinks and canned foods and data evaluation
MN Tzatzarakis, V Karzi, E Vakonaki, M Goumenou, M Kavvalakis, ...
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Association of nutraceutical supplements with longer telomere length
D Tsoukalas, P Fragkiadaki, AO Docea, AK Alegakis, E Sarandi, ...
International journal of molecular medicine 44 (1), 218-226, 2019
The association of female and male infertility with telomere length
E Vasilopoulos, P Fragkiadaki, C Kalliora, D Fragou, AO Docea, ...
International journal of molecular medicine 44 (2), 375-389, 2019
Rapid method for the simultaneous determination of DDTs and PCBs in hair of children by headspace solid phase microextraction and gas chromatography‐mass spectrometry (HSSPME …
MN Tzatzarakis, EG Barbounis, MP Kavvalakis, E Vakonaki, E Renieri, ...
Drug testing and analysis 6 (S1), 85-92, 2014
Novel human papilloma virus (HPV) genotypes in children with recurrent respiratory papillomatosis
IN Mammas, G Sourvinos, E Vakonaki, P Giamarelou, C Michael, ...
European journal of pediatrics 169 (8), 1017-1021, 2010
Common mental disorders and association with telomere length
E Vakonaki, K Tsiminikaki, S Plaitis, P Fragkiadaki, D Tsoukalas, ...
Biomedical reports 8 (2), 111-116, 2018
The absorption and metabolism of a single L-menthol oral versus skin administration: effects on thermogenesis and metabolic rate
A Valente, AE Carrillo, MN Tzatzarakis, E Vakonaki, AM Tsatsakis, ...
Food and Chemical Toxicology 86, 262-273, 2015
Biomonitoring of bisphenol A, triclosan and perfluorooctanoic acid in hair samples of children and adults
V Karzi, MN Tzatzarakis, E Vakonaki, T Alegakis, I Katsikantami, S Sifakis, ...
Journal of Applied Toxicology 38 (8), 1144-1152, 2018
Biomonitoring of bisphenols A and S and phthalate metabolites in hair from pregnant women in Crete
I Katsikantami, MN Tzatzarakis, V Karzi, A Stavroulaki, P Xezonaki, ...
Science of The Total Environment 712, 135651, 2020
Determination of buprenorphine, norbuprenorphine and naloxone in fingernail clippings and urine of patients under opioid substitution therapy
MN Tzatzarakis, E Vakonaki, L Kovatsi, S Belivanis, M Mantsi, A Alegakis, ...
Journal of analytical toxicology 39 (4), 313-320, 2015
Comparative evaluation of drug deposition in hair samples collected from different anatomical body sites
MN Tzatzarakis, AK Alegakis, MP Kavvalakis, E Vakonaki, PD Stivaktakis, ...
Journal of analytical toxicology 41 (3), 214-223, 2017
Buprenorphine and nor‐buprenorphine levels in head hair samples from former heroin users under Suboxone® treatment
S Belivanis, MN Tzatzarakis, E Vakonaki, L Kovatsi, M Mantsi, A Alegakis, ...
Drug testing and analysis 6 (S1), 93-100, 2014
Organochlorine pollutants’ levels in hair, amniotic fluid and serum samples of pregnant women in Greece. A cohort study
M Barmpas, E Vakonaki, M Tzatzarakis, S Sifakis, A Alegakis, ...
Environmental toxicology and pharmacology 73, 103279, 2020
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