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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Modelling bone tissue fracture and healing: a review
M Doblaré, JM Garcıa, MJ Gómez
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Anisotropic bone remodelling model based on a continuum damage-repair theory
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Collective cell durotaxis emerges from long-range intercellular force transmission
R Sunyer, V Conte, J Escribano, A Elosegui-Artola, A Labernadie, L Valon, ...
Science 353 (6304), 1157-1161, 2016
Influence of fracture gap size on the pattern of long bone healing: a computational study
MJ Gómez-Benito, JM Garcia-Aznar, JH Kuiper, M Doblaré
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Application of an anisotropic bone-remodelling model based on a damage-repair theory to the analysis of the proximal femur before and after total hip replacement
M Doblaré, JM Garcıa
Journal of Biomechanics 34 (9), 1157-1170, 2001
On scaffold designing for bone regeneration: a computational multiscale approach
JA Sanz-Herrera, JM García-Aznar, M Doblaré
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Computational simulation of fracture healing: influence of interfragmentary movement on the callus growth
JM García-Aznar, JH Kuiper, MJ Gómez-Benito, M Doblaré, ...
Journal of Biomechanics 40 (7), 1467-1476, 2007
A bone remodelling model coupling microdamage growth and repair by 3D BMU-activity
JM Garcia-Aznar, T Rüberg, M Doblare
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Finite element study of intramedullary osteosynthesis in the treatment of trochanteric fractures of the hip: Gamma and PFN
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Force loading explains spatial sensing of ligands by cells
R Oria, T Wiegand, J Escribano, A Elosegui-Artola, JJ Uriarte, ...
Nature 552 (7684), 219-224, 2017
Permeability evaluation of 45S5 Bioglass®-based scaffolds for bone tissue engineering
I Ochoa, JA Sanz-Herrera, JM García-Aznar, M Doblaré, DM Yunos, ...
Journal of biomechanics 42 (3), 257-260, 2009
Modeling mechanosensing and its effect on the migration and proliferation of adherent cells
P Moreo, JM García-Aznar, M Doblaré
Acta Biomaterialia 4 (3), 613-621, 2008
Numerical estimation of bone density and elastic constants distribution in a human mandible
JM Reina, JM García-Aznar, J Domínguez, M Doblaré
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Bone remodelling simulation: a tool for implant design
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On the employ of meshless methods in biomechanics
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On the effect of substrate curvature on cell mechanics
JA Sanz-Herrera, P Moreo, JM García-Aznar, M Doblaré
Biomaterials 30 (34), 6674-6686, 2009
Numerical modeling of a mechano-chemical theory for wound contraction analysis
E Javierre, P Moreo, M Doblaré, JM García-Aznar
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Appearance and location of secondary ossification centres may be explained by a reaction–diffusion mechanism
DA Garzón-Alvarado, JM García-Aznar, M Doblaré
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A mathematical model for bone tissue regeneration inside a specific type of scaffold
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Mechano-sensing and cell migration: a 3D model approach
C Borau, RD Kamm, JM García-Aznar
Physical biology 8 (6), 066008, 2011
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