Amir Sanati-Nezhad
Amir Sanati-Nezhad
Associate Professor and Canada Research Chair in BioMEMS, University of Calgary üzerinde doğrulanmış e-posta adresine sahip - Ana Sayfa
Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Multisensor-integrated organs-on-chips platform for automated and continual in situ monitoring of organoid behaviors
YS Zhang, J Aleman, SR Shin, T Kilic, D Kim, SAM Shaegh, S Massa, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 114 (12), E2293-E2302, 2017
Manufacturing of hydrogel biomaterials with controlled mechanical properties for tissue engineering applications
A Vedadghavami, F Minooei, MH Mohammadi, S Khetani, AR Kolahchi, ...
Acta biomaterialia 62, 42-63, 2017
Microfluidic approaches for isolation, detection, and characterization of extracellular vesicles: current status and future directions
S Gholizadeh, MS Draz, M Zarghooni, A Sanati-Nezhad, S Ghavami, ...
Biosensors and Bioelectronics 91, 588-605, 2017
Quantification of cellular penetrative forces using lab-on-a-chip technology and finite element modeling
A Sanati Nezhad, M Naghavi, M Packirisamy, R Bhat, A Geitmann
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 110 (20), 8093-8098, 2013
Tip Chip: a modular, MEMS‐based platform for experimentation and phenotyping of tip‐growing cells
CG Agudelo, A Sanati Nezhad, M Ghanbari, M Naghavi, M Packirisamy, ...
The Plant Journal 73 (6), 1057-1068, 2013
Noncontact and nonintrusive microwave-microfluidic flow sensor for energy and biomedical engineering
MH Zarifi, H Sadabadi, SH Hejazi, M Daneshmand, A Sanati-Nezhad
Scientific reports 8 (1), 139, 2018
Bioprocessing of mesenchymal stem cells and their derivatives: toward cell-free therapeutics
AS J Phelps, A Sanati-Nezhad, M Ungrin, N Duncan
Stem Cells International, 1-77, 2018
Microfluidic platforms for plant cells studies
AS Nezhad
Lab on a Chip 14 (17), 3262-3274, 2014
Quantification of the Young's modulus of the primary plant cell wall using Bending-Lab-On-Chip (BLOC)
A Sanati Nezhad, M Naghavi, M Packirisamy, R Bhat, A Geitmann
Lab Chip 13, 2599-2608, 2013
A microfluidic optical platform for real-time monitoring of pH and oxygen in microfluidic bioreactors and organ-on-chip devices
SA Mousavi Shaegh, F De Ferrari, YS Zhang, M Nabavinia, ...
Biomicrofluidics 10 (4), 044111, 2016
Label-free ultrasensitive detection of breast cancer miRNA-21 biomarker employing electrochemical nano-genosensor based on sandwiched AgNPs in PANI and N-doped graphene
R Salahandish, A Ghafarinejad, E Omidinia, H Zargartalebi, K Majidzadeh, ...
Biosensors and Bioelectronics 120, 129-136, 2018
The cellular mechanics of an invasive lifestyle
A Sanati Nezhad, A Geitmann
Journal of experimental botany 64 (15), 4709-4728, 2013
Through the years with on a chip gas chromatography: a review
F Haghighi, Z Talebpour, A Sanati-Nezhad
Lab on Chip 15 (01), 2559-2575, 2015
PDMS microcantilever-based flow sensor integration for lab-on-a-chip
A Sanati Nezhad, M Ghanbari, CG Agudelo, M Packirisamy, RB Bhat, ...
IEEE Sensors, 1-10, 2012
Sensitive, real-time and non-Intrusive detection of concentration and growth of pathogenic bacteria using microfuidic-microwave ring resonator biosensor
R Narang, H Hejazi, MH Zarifi, A Sanati-Nezhad
Scientific Reports 8, 15807, 2018
Future of portable devices for plant pathogen diagnosis
A Sanati Nezhad
Lab on a Chip 14 (16), 2887-2904, 2014
Nano-biosensor for highly sensitive detection of HER2 positive breast cancer
R Salahandish, A Ghaffarinejad, SM Naghib, K Majidzadeh-A, ...
Biosensors and Bioelectronics 117, 104-111, 2018
Protein thermostability engineering
HP Modarres, MR Mofrad, A Sanati-Nezhad
RSC advances 6 (116), 115252-115270, 2016
Microfluidic integrated acoustic waving for manipulation of cells and molecules
A Barani, H Paktinat, M Janmaleki, A Mohammadi, P Mosaddegh, ...
Biosensors and Bioelectronics 85, 714-725, 2016
Sandwich-structured nanoparticles-grafted functionalized graphene based 3D nanocomposites for high-performance biosensors to detect ascorbic acid biomolecule
ASN R Salahandish, A Ghaffarinejad, S Naghib, Asghar Niyazi, K Majidzadeh-A ...
Scientific Reports 9, 1226, 2019
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