Jonathan D Nelson
Jonathan D Nelson
Lecturer, University of Surrey; Research Scientist, Max Planck Institute üzerinde doğrulanmış e-posta adresine sahip - Ana Sayfa
Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Human cortical representations for reaching: mirror neurons for execution, observation, and imagery
F Filimon, JD Nelson, DJ Hagler, MI Sereno
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What a speaker’s choice of frame reveals: Reference points, frame selection, and framing effects
CRM McKenzie, JD Nelson
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Finding useful questions: on Bayesian diagnosticity, probability, impact, and information gain.
JD Nelson
Psychological Review 112 (4), 979, 2005
Multiple parietal reach regions in humans: cortical representations for visual and proprioceptive feedback during on-line reaching
F Filimon, JD Nelson, RS Huang, MI Sereno
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Experience Matters
JD Nelson, CRM McKenzie, GW Cottrell, TJ Sejnowski
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Generalization guides human exploration in vast decision spaces
CM Wu, E Schulz, M Speekenbrink, JD Nelson, B Meder
Nature human behaviour 2 (12), 915-924, 2018
How embodied is perceptual decision making? Evidence for separate processing of perceptual and motor decisions
F Filimon, MG Philiastides, JD Nelson, NA Kloosterman, HR Heekeren
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Children’s sequential information search is sensitive to environmental probabilities
JD Nelson, B Divjak, G Gudmundsdottir, LF Martignon, B Meder
Cognition 130 (1), 74-80, 2014
Confirmation Bias
JD Nelson, CRM McKenzie
A probabilistic model of eye movements in concept formation
JD Nelson, GW Cottrell
Neurocomputing 70 (13-15), 2256-2272, 2007
Generalized information theory meets human cognition: Introducing a unified framework to model uncertainty and information search
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Asking the right questions about the psychology of human inquiry: Nine open challenges
A Coenen, JD Nelson, TM Gureckis
Psychonomic Bulletin & Review 26 (5), 1548-1587, 2019
Towards a rational theory of human information acquisition
JD Nelson
The probabilistic mind: Prospects for rational models of cognition, 143-163, 2008
Simple heuristics and the modelling of crowd behaviours
M Moussaïd, JD Nelson
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CM Wu, B Meder, F Filimon, JD Nelson
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JR Movellan, JD Nelson
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Yarbus lives: a foveated exploration of how task influences saccadic eye movement
JD Nelson, GW Cottrell, JR Movellan, MI Sereno
Journal of Vision 4 (8), 741-741, 2004
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