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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Tradeoffs and the evolution of thermal reaction norms
MJ Angilletta Jr, RS Wilson, CA Navas, RS James
Trends in Ecology & Evolution 18 (5), 234-240, 2003
Testing the beneficial acclimation hypothesis
RS Wilson, CE Franklin
Trends in Ecology & Evolution 17 (2), 66-70, 2002
Coadaptation: a unifying principle in evolutionary thermal biology
MJ Angilletta Jr, AF Bennett, H Guderley, CA Navas, F Seebacher, ...
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Predicting the physiological performance of ectotherms in fluctuating thermal environments
AC Niehaus, MJ Angilletta, MW Sears, CE Franklin, RS Wilson
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Performance constraints in decathletes
R Van Damme, RS Wilson, B Vanhooydonck, P Aerts
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Urban physiology: city ants possess high heat tolerance
MJ Angilletta Jr, RS Wilson, AC Niehaus, MW Sears, CA Navas, ...
PLoS One 2 (2), e258, 2007
Thermal acclimation of locomotor performance in tadpoles of the frog Limnodynastes peronii
RS Wilson, CE Franklin
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RS Wilson, RS James, IA Johnston
Journal of Comparative Physiology B 170 (2), 117-124, 2000
Predator‐specific changes in the morphology and swimming performance of larval Rana lessonae
RS Wilson, PG Kraft, R Van Damme
Functional Ecology 19 (2), 238-244, 2005
Geographic variation in thermal sensitivity of jumping performance in the frog Limnodynastes peronii
RS Wilson
Journal of Experimental Biology 204 (24), 4227-4236, 2001
Dishonest Signals of Strength in Male Slender Crayfish (Cherax dispar) during Agonistic Encounters
RS Wilson, MJ Angilletta Jr, RS James, C Navas, F Seebacher
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Allometric scaling relationships of jumping performance in the striped marsh frog Limnodynastes peronii
RS Wilson, CE Franklin, RS James
Journal of Experimental Biology 203 (12), 1937-1946, 2000
Morphological and physiological specialization for digging in amphisbaenians, an ancient lineage of fossorial vertebrates
CA Navas, MM Antoniazzi, JE Carvalho, JG Chaui-Berlink, RS James, ...
Journal of Experimental Biology 207 (14), 2433-2441, 2004
New urban developments that retain more remnant trees have greater bird diversity
BJ Barth, SI FitzGibbon, RS Wilson
Landscape and Urban Planning 136, 122-129, 2015
Cockroaches breathe discontinuously to reduce respiratory water loss
NG Schimpf, PGD Matthews, RS Wilson, CR White
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Short‐and long‐term consequences of thermal variation in the larval environment of anurans
AC Niehaus, RS Wilson, CE Franklin
Journal of Animal Ecology 75 (3), 686-692, 2006
Effect of tail loss on reproductive output and its ecological significance in the skink Eulamprus quoyii
RS Wilson, DT Booth
Journal of Herpetology 32 (1), 128-131, 1998
Temperature influences the coercive mating and swimming performance of male eastern mosquitofish
RS Wilson
Animal Behaviour 70 (6), 1387-1394, 2005
Trade-offs between speed and endurance in the frog Xenopus laevis: a multi-level approach
RS Wilson, RS James, R Van Damme
Journal of Experimental Biology 205 (8), 1145-1152, 2002
Effects of caffeine on mouse skeletal muscle power output during recovery from fatigue
RS James, RS Wilson, GN Askew
Journal of applied physiology 96 (2), 545-552, 2004
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