Deborah Loewenberg Ball
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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Content knowledge for teaching: What makes it special
DL Ball, MH Thames, G Phelps
Journal of teacher education 59 (5), 389-407, 2008
Developing practice, developing practitioners: Toward a practice-based theory of professional education
DL Ball, DK Cohen
Teaching as the learning profession: Handbook of policy and practice 1, 3-22, 1999
Effects of teachers’ mathematical knowledge for teaching on student achievement
HC Hill, B Rowan, DL Ball
American educational research journal 42 (2), 371-406, 2005
Unpacking pedagogical content knowledge: Conceptualizing and measuring teachers' topic-specific knowledge of students
HC Hill, DL Ball, SG Schilling
Journal for research in mathematics education 39 (4), 372-400, 2008
Reform by the book: What is—or might be—the role of curriculum materials in teacher learning and instructional reform?
DL Ball, DK Cohen
Educational researcher 25 (9), 6-14, 1996
Knowing mathematics for teaching: Who knows mathematics well enough to teach third grade, and how can we decide?
DL Ball, HC Hill, H Bass
American Federation of Teachers, 2005
The work of teaching and the challenge for teacher education
D Loewenberg Ball, FM Forzani
Journal of teacher education 60 (5), 497-511, 2009
Research on teaching mathematics: The unsolved problem of teachers’ mathematical knowledge
DL Ball, ST Lubienski, DS Mewborn
Handbook of research on teaching 4, 433-456, 2001
The mathematical understandings that prospective teachers bring to teacher education
DL Ball
The elementary school journal 90 (4), 449-466, 1990
With an eye on the mathematical horizon: Dilemmas of teaching elementary school mathematics
DL Ball
The elementary school journal 93 (4), 373-397, 1993
Interweaving content and pedagogy in teaching and learning to teach: Knowing and using mathematics
DL Ball, H Bass
Multiple perspectives on the teaching and learning of mathematics 4, 83-104, 2000
Resources, instruction, and research
DK Cohen, SW Raudenbush, DL Ball
Educational evaluation and policy analysis 25 (2), 119-142, 2003
Developing measures of teachers’ mathematics knowledge for teaching
HC Hill, SG Schilling, DL Ball
The elementary school journal 105 (1), 11-30, 2004
Bridging practices: Intertwining content and pedagogy in teaching and learning to teach
DL Ball
Journal of teacher education 51 (3), 241-247, 2000
Mathematical knowledge for teaching and the mathematical quality of instruction: An exploratory study
HC Hill, ML Blunk, CY Charalambous, JM Lewis, GC Phelps, L Sleep, ...
Cognition and instruction 26 (4), 430-511, 2008
Prospective elementary and secondary teachers' understanding of division
DL Ball
Journal for research in mathematics education 21 (2), 132-144, 1990
The subject matter preparation of teachers
DL Ball, GW McDiarmid
National Center for Research on Teacher Education, 1989
Research on teaching mathematics: Making subject matter knowledge part of the equation.
DL Ball
National Center for Research on Teacher Education, 116 Erickson Hall …, 1988
Learning mathematics for teaching: Results from California's mathematics professional development institutes
HC Hill, DL Ball
Journal for research in mathematics education 35 (5), 330-351, 2004
Toward a practice-based theory of mathematical knowledge for teaching
DL Ball, H Bass
Proceedings of the 2002 annual meeting of the Canadian Mathematics Education …, 2002
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