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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Environmental drivers in mangrove establishment and early development: a review
KW Krauss, CE Lovelock, KL McKee, L López-Hoffman, SML Ewe, ...
Aquatic botany 89 (2), 105-127, 2008
The vulnerability of Indo-Pacific mangrove forests to sea-level rise
CE Lovelock, DR Cahoon, DA Friess, GR Guntenspergen, KW Krauss, ...
Nature 526 (7574), 559-563, 2015
Mangrove expansion and salt marsh decline at mangrove poleward limits
N Saintilan, NC Wilson, K Rogers, A Rajkaran, KW Krauss
Global change biology 20 (1), 147-157, 2014
How mangrove forests adjust to rising sea level
KW Krauss, KL McKee, CE Lovelock, DR Cahoon, N Saintilan, R Reef, ...
New Phytologist 202 (1), 19-34, 2014
Are all intertidal wetlands naturally created equal? Bottlenecks, thresholds and knowledge gaps to mangrove and saltmarsh ecosystems
DA Friess, KW Krauss, EM Horstman, T Balke, TJ Bouma, D Galli, ...
Biological Reviews 87 (2), 346-366, 2012
Differential rates of vertical accretion and elevation change among aerial root types in Micronesian mangrove forests
KW Krauss, JA Allen, DR Cahoon
Estuarine, Coastal and Shelf Science 56 (2), 251-259, 2003
A global standard for monitoring coastal wetland vulnerability to accelerated sea-level rise
EL Webb, DA Friess, KW Krauss, DR Cahoon, GR Guntenspergen, ...
Nature Climate Change 3 (5), 458-465, 2013
Climatic controls on the global distribution, abundance, and species richness of mangrove forests
MJ Osland, LC Feher, KT Griffith, KC Cavanaugh, NM Enwright, RH Day, ...
Ecological Monographs 87 (2), 341-359, 2017
Ecosystem development after mangrove wetland creation: plant–soil change across a 20-year chronosequence
MJ Osland, AC Spivak, JA Nestlerode, JM Lessmann, AE Almario, ...
Ecosystems 15 (5), 848-866, 2012
Sea-level rise and landscape change influence mangrove encroachment onto marsh in the Ten Thousand Islands region of Florida, USA
KW Krauss, AS From, TW Doyle, TJ Doyle, MJ Barry
Journal of Coastal Conservation 15 (4), 629-638, 2011
Water level observations in mangrove swamps during two hurricanes in Florida
KW Krauss, TW Doyle, TJ Doyle, CM Swarzenski, AS From, RH Day, ...
Wetlands 29 (1), 142-149, 2009
Predicting the retreat and migration of tidal forests along the northern Gulf of Mexico under sea-level rise
TW Doyle, KW Krauss, WH Conner, AS From
Forest Ecology and Management 259 (4), 770-777, 2010
Evaluating the relative contributions of hydroperiod and soil fertility on growth of south Florida mangroves
KW Krauss, TW Doyle, RR Twilley, VH Rivera-Monroy, JK Sullivan
Hydrobiologia 569 (1), 311-324, 2006
The state of the world's mangrove forests: past, present, and future
DA Friess, K Rogers, CE Lovelock, KW Krauss, SE Hamilton, SY Lee, ...
Annual Review of Environment and Resources 44, 89-115, 2019
Surface elevation change and susceptibility of different mangrove zones to sea-level rise on Pacific high islands of Micronesia
KW Krauss, DR Cahoon, JA Allen, KC Ewel, JC Lynch, N Cormier
Ecosystems 13 (1), 129-143, 2010
Site condition, structure, and growth of baldcypress along tidal/non-tidal salinity gradients
KW Krauss, JA Duberstein, TW Doyle, WH Conner, RH Day, ...
Wetlands 29 (2), 505-519, 2009
High mangrove density enhances surface accretion, surface elevation change, and tree survival in coastal areas susceptible to sea-level rise
MP Kumara, LP Jayatissa, KW Krauss, DH Phillips, M Huxham
Oecologia 164 (2), 545-553, 2010
Influences of salinity and shade on seedling photosynthesis and growth of two mangrove species, Rhizophora mangle and Bruguiera sexangula, introduced to Hawaii
KW Krauss, JA Allen
Aquatic botany 77 (4), 311-324, 2003
Salt marsh‐mangrove ecotones: using structural gradients to investigate the effects of woody plant encroachment on plant–soil interactions and ecosystem carbon pools
ES Yando, MJ Osland, JM Willis, RH Day, KW Krauss, MW Hester
Journal of Ecology 104 (4), 1020-1031, 2016
Intra-and interspecific facilitation in mangroves may increase resilience to climate change threats
M Huxham, MP Kumara, LP Jayatissa, KW Krauss, J Kairo, J Langat, ...
Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences 365 …, 2010
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