Ryu Koide
Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Characterization of ship breaking industry in Bangladesh
M Sujauddin, R Koide, T Komatsu, MM Hossain, C Tokoro, S Murakami
Journal of Material Cycles and Waste Management 17 (1), 72-83, 2015
Ship breaking and the steel industry in Bangladesh: a material flow perspective
M Sujauddin, R Koide, T Komatsu, MM Hossain, C Tokoro, S Murakami
Journal of Industrial Ecology 21 (1), 191-203, 2017
1.5-Degree Lifestyles: Targets and options for reducing lifestyle carbon footprints
L Akenji, M Lettenmeier, R Koide, V Toivio, A Amellina
https://pub.iges.or.jp/pub_file/15degreelifestylesmainreportpdf/download, 2019
Assessment of policy integration of sustainable consumption and production into national policies
R Koide, L Akenji
Resources 6 (4), 48, 2017
A model for prediction of neutralizer usage and sludge generation in the treatment of acid mine drainage from abandoned mines: case studies in Japan
R Koide, C Tokoro, S Murakami, T Adachi, A Takahashi
Mine Water and the Environment 31 (4), 287-296, 2012
Technology foresight for social good: Social implications of technological innovation by 2050 from a Global Expert Survey
C Mao, R Koide, A Brem, L Akenji
Technological Forecasting and Social Change 153, 119914, 2020
Carbon footprints and consumer lifestyles: an analysis of lifestyle factors and gap analysis by consumer segment in Japan
R Koide, M Lettenmeier, S Kojima, V Toivio, A Amellina, L Akenji
Sustainability 11 (21), 5983, 2019
1, 5 asteen elämäntavat: Miten voimme pienentää hiilijalanjälkemme ilmastotavoitteiden mukaiseksi?
M Lettenmeier, L Akenji, V Toivio, R Koide, A Amellina
Sitra, 2019
All options, not silver bullets, needed to limit global warming to 1.5° C: a scenario appraisal
L Warszawski, E Kriegler, TM Lenton, O Gaffney, D Jacob, D Klingenfeld, ...
Environmental Research Letters 16 (6), 064037, 2021
A predictive model for the future treatment of acid mine drainage with regression analysis and geochemical modeling
H Otsuka, S Murakami, J Yamatomi, R Koide, C Tokoro
J. MMIJ 130, 488-493, 2014
Material flow analysis on ship breaking and recycling industry in Bangladesh
M Sujauddin, R Koide, H Mohammed Mosharraf, S Murakami
The 10th International Conference on EcoBalance, Yokohama, Japan, 2012
Applying foresight to policy design for a long-term transition to sustainable lifestyles
C Mao, R Koide, L Akenji
Sustainability 12 (15), 6200, 2020
渡部厚志, 小出瑠, 堀田康彦
環境経済・政策研究 10 (1), 32-35, 2017
Expansion of Policy Domain of Sustainable Consumption and Production (SCP): Challenges and Opportunities for Policy Design
Y Hotta, T Tasaki, R Koide
Sustainability 13 (12), 6763, 2021
Co-Creating Sustainable Ways of Living 17 Stories of On-the-Ground Innovations
A Watabe, S Gilby, R Koide, C Mao, M Kato, P Vilchis-Tella, S Chan
Key findings from the study on lifestyle carbon footprints: long-term targets and case studies of the carbon footprints of household consumption
M Lettenmeier, V Toivio, R Koide, A Amellina, L Akenji, S Nielsen, K Miho
大塚啓司, 村上進亮, 山冨二郎, 小出瑠, 所千晴
Journal of MMIJ 130 (10_11), 488-493, 2014
Lifestyle carbon footprints and changes in lifestyles to limit global warming to 1.5° C, and ways forward for related research
R Koide, M Lettenmeier, L Akenji, V Toivio, A Amellina, A Khodke, ...
Sustainability Science, 1-13, 2021
Exploring carbon footprint reduction pathways through urban lifestyle changes: a practical approach applied to Japanese cities
R Koide, S Kojima, K Nansai, M Lettenmeier, K Asakawa, C Liu, ...
Environmental Research Letters 16 (8), 084001, 2021
図解入門ビジネス 最新SDGsの手法とツールがよ〜くわかる本
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