Matthew Gaydos
Matthew Gaydos
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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Role playing games for scientific citizenship
MJ Gaydos, KD Squire
Cultural Studies of Science Education 7 (4), 821-844, 2012
Seeing change in time: Video games to teach about temporal change in scientific phenomena
J Corredor, M Gaydos, K Squire
Journal of Science Education and Technology 23 (3), 324-343, 2014
Seriously considering design in educational games
M Gaydos
Educational Researcher 44 (9), 478-483, 2015
A method for obtaining psychophysical estimates of movement costs
DA Rosenbaum, MJ Gaydos
Journal of Motor Behavior 40 (1), 11-17, 2008
From Egypt to Wisconsin: tactical innovation with digital media
K Squire, M Gaydos
Critical Studies in Education 54 (1), 57-71, 2013
Hybrid augmented reality for participatory learning: The hidden efficacy of multi-user game-based simulation
S Oh, HJ So, M Gaydos
IEEE Transactions on Learning Technologies 11 (1), 115-127, 2017
Citizen science: Designing a game for the 21st century
M Gaydos, K Squire
Interdisciplinary models and tools for serious games: Emerging concepts and …, 2010
What Is Game-Based Learning? Past, Present, and Future
M Jan, M Gaydos
Educational Technology, 6-11, 2016
Language games: How gaming communities shape second-language literacy
J Corredor, M Gaydos
Bridging literacies with videogames, 103-127, 2014
Patterns of Engagement in an Educational Massively Multiplayer Online Game: A Multidimensional View
JA Ruipérez-Valiente, M Gaydos, L Rosenheck, YJ Kim, E Klopfer
IEEE Transactions on Learning Technologies 13 (4), 648-661, 2020
Learning and research in the web 2 era: opportunities for research.
VL Peters, JD Slotta, A Forte, A Bruckman, JJ Lee, M Gaydos, C Hoadley, ...
ICLS (3), 237-244, 2008
Developing a Geography Game for Singapore Classrooms
M Gaydos
Transforming Learning, Empowering Learners, 2016
Science sims and games: Best design practices and fave flops
MC Johnson-Glenberg, C Savio-Ramos, KK Perkins, EB Moore, ...
Boulder, CO: International Society of the Learning Sciences, 2014
Rhythm games and learning
M Gaydos
International Society of the Learning Sciences (ISLS), 2010
Designing for identity in game-based learning
MJ Gaydos, BM Devane
Mind, Culture, and Activity 26 (1), 61-74, 2019
Introduction to special issue on games+ learning+ society
K Squire, M Gaydos, B DeVane
Educational Technology 56 (3), 3-5, 2016
Design in Game-Based Learning
M Gaydos, M Jan
International Society of the Learning Sciences, Inc.[ISLS]., 2015
Design-based research and video game based learning: Developing the educational video game" Citizen Science"
MJ Gaydos
The University of Wisconsin-Madison, 2013
Serious fun: Game design to support learning about the surrender of Singapore
M Gaydos, TM Prematillake, WL Neo, C Tan, S Afandi, MC Baildon
Designing learning contexts using student-generated ideas
RJ Lam, LH Wong, M Gaydos, JS Huang, LH Seah, MLT Tan, M Kapur, ...
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