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Joakim Munkhammar
Joakim Munkhammar
Associate Professor at Civil and Industrial Engineering, Uppsala University
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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Review on probabilistic forecasting of photovoltaic power production and electricity consumption
DW Van der Meer, J Widén, J Munkhammar
Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews 81, 1484-1512, 2018
Self-consumption enhancement and peak shaving of residential photovoltaics using storage and curtailment
R Luthander, J Widén, J Munkhammar, D Lingfors
Energy 112, 221-231, 2016
PHEV home-charging model based on residential activity patterns
P Grahn, J Munkhammar, J Widén, K Alvehag, L Söder
IEEE Transactions on power Systems 28 (3), 2507-2515, 2013
Quantifying self-consumption of on-site photovoltaic power generation in households with electric vehicle home charging
J Munkhammar, P Grahn, J Widén
Solar energy 97, 208-216, 2013
Probabilistic forecasting of electricity consumption, photovoltaic power generation and net demand of an individual building using Gaussian Processes
DW Van der Meer, M Shepero, A Svensson, J Widén, J Munkhammar
Applied energy 213, 195-207, 2018
Residential probabilistic load forecasting: A method using Gaussian process designed for electric load data
M Shepero, D Van Der Meer, J Munkhammar, J Widén
Applied Energy 218, 159-172, 2018
On a probability distribution model combining household power consumption, electric vehicle home-charging and photovoltaic power production
J Munkhammar, J Widén, J Rydén
Applied Energy 142, 135-143, 2015
Smart charging of electric vehicles considering photovoltaic power production and electricity consumption: A review
R Fachrizal, M Shepero, D van der Meer, J Munkhammar, J Widén
ETransportation 4, 100056, 2020
Riemann-Liouville fractional derivatives and the Taylor-Riemann series
J Munkhammar
Spatial Markov chain model for electric vehicle charging in cities using geographical information system (GIS) data
M Shepero, J Munkhammar
Applied energy 231, 1089-1099, 2018
Modeling of photovoltaic power generation and electric vehicles charging on city-scale: A review
M Shepero, J Munkhammar, J Widén, JDK Bishop, T Boström
Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews 89, 61-71, 2018
Characterizing probability density distributions for household electricity load profiles from high-resolution electricity use data
J Munkhammar, J Rydén, J Widén
Applied Energy 135, 382-390, 2014
Fractional calculus and the Taylor-Riemann series
J Munkhammar
Rose-Hulman Undergraduate Mathematics Journal 6 (1), 6, 2005
Improved photovoltaic self-consumption in residential buildings with distributed and centralized smart charging of electric vehicles
R Fachrizal, J Munkhammar
Energies 13 (5), 1153, 2020
A copula method for simulating correlated instantaneous solar irradiance in spatial networks
J Munkhammar, J Widén, LM Hinkelman
Solar Energy 143, 10-21, 2017
Probabilistic forecasting of solar power, electricity consumption and net load: Investigating the effect of seasons, aggregation and penetration on prediction intervals
DW Van der Meer, J Munkhammar, J Widén
Solar Energy 171, 397-413, 2018
Household electricity use, electric vehicle home-charging and distributed photovoltaic power production in the city of Westminster
J Munkhammar, JDK Bishop, JJ Sarralde, W Tian, R Choudhary
Energy and Buildings 86, 439-448, 2015
Evaluating the benefits of a solar home energy management system: impacts on photovoltaic power production value and grid interaction
J Widén, J Munkhammar
Proceedings of ECEEE summer study, 2013
Review of probabilistic load flow approaches for power distribution systems with photovoltaic generation and electric vehicle charging
UH Ramadhani, M Shepero, J Munkhammar, J Widen, N Etherden
International Journal of Electrical Power & Energy Systems 120, 106003, 2020
On the dust abundance gradients in late-type galaxies–I. Effects of destruction and growth of dust in the interstellar medium
L Mattsson, AC Andersen, JD Munkhammar
Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society 423 (1), 26-37, 2012
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