Zühtü Hakan Akpolat
Zühtü Hakan Akpolat
Fatih Sultan Mehmet Vakif University
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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Dynamic emulation of mechanical loads using a vector-controlled induction motor-generator set
ZH Akpolat, GM Asher, JC Clare
IEEE Transactions on industrial electronics 46 (2), 370-379, 1999
Speech recognition using a wavelet packet adaptive network based fuzzy inference system
E Avci, ZH Akpolat
Expert Systems with Applications 31 (3), 495-503, 2006
A practical approach to the design of robust speed controllers for machine drives
HZ Akpolat, GM Asher, JC Clare
IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics 47 (2), 315-324, 2000
Experimental dynamometer emulation of nonlinear mechanical loads
ZH Akpolat, GM Asher, JC Clare
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A software tool: Type‐2 fuzzy logic toolbox
MB Ozek, ZH Akpolat
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Application of reaching law approach to the position control of a vector controlled induction motor drive
MI Bayindir, H Can, ZH Akpolat, M Ozdemir, E Akin
Electrical Engineering 87 (4), 207-215, 2005
Three-dimensional modeling of a robotic fish based on real carp locomotion
G Ozmen Koca, C Bal, D Korkmaz, MC Bingol, M Ay, ZH Akpolat, S Yetkin
Applied Sciences 8 (2), 180, 2018
Application of fuzzy-sliding mode control and electronic load emulation to the robust control of motor drives
ZH Akpolat
University of Nottingham, 1999
Discrete time adaptive reaching law speed control of electrical drives
Z Akpolat, M Gokbulut
Electrical Engineering 85 (1), 53-58, 2003
Non-singleton fuzzy logic control of a dc motor
ZH Akpolat
Journal of Applied Sciences 5 (5), 887-891, 2005
Mechatronic design and manufacturing of the intelligent robotic fish for bio-inspired swimming modes
M Ay, D Korkmaz, G Ozmen Koca, C Bal, ZH Akpolat, MC Bingol
Electronics 7 (7), 118, 2018
Implementations of the route planning scenarios for the autonomous robotic fish with the optimized propulsion mechanism
GO Koca, D Korkmaz, C Bal, ZH Akpolat, M Ay
Measurement 93, 232-242, 2016
Modeling and implementation of a biomimetic robotic fish
D Korkmaz, U Budak, C Bal, GO Koca, ZH Akpolat
International Symposium on Power Electronics Power Electronics, Electrical …, 2012
Robust forward speed control of a robotic fish
D Korkmaz, OG Koca, ZH Akpolat
Sixth International Advanced Technologies Symposium, Elazig/Turkey, 33-38, 2011
A web‐based intelligent tutoring system for a basic control course
M Bulut Özek, ZH Akpolat, A Orhan
Computer Applications in Engineering Education 21 (3), 561-571, 2013
Type-2 fuzzy sliding mode control of a four-bar mechanism
GO Koca, ZH Akpolat, M Özdemir
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Locomotion control of a biomimetic robotic fish based on closed loop sensory feedback CPG model
D Korkmaz, G Ozmen Koca, G Li, C Bal, M Ay, ZH Akpolat
Journal of Marine Engineering & Technology 20 (2), 125-137, 2021
Experimental dynamometer emulation of non-linear mechanical loads
ZH Akpolat, GM Asher, JC Clare
Conference Record of 1998 IEEE Industry Applications Conference. Thirty …, 1998
CPG-based autonomous swimming control for multi-tasks of a biomimetic robotic fish
C Bal, GO Koca, D Korkmaz, ZH Akpolat, M Ay
Ocean Engineering 189, 106334, 2019
Trajectory following sliding mode control of induction motors
ZH Akpolat, H Guldemir
Electrical Engineering 85 (4), 205-209, 2003
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