afshin Nabiyan
afshin Nabiyan
Organische und Makromolekulare Chemie
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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Hydrogen storage in hybrid of layered double hydroxides/reduced graphene oxide using spillover mechanism
AA Ensafi, M Jafari-Asl, A Nabiyan, B Rezaei, M Dinari
Energy 99, 103-114, 2016
A new electrochemical sensor for the simultaneous determination of guanine and adenine: using a NiAl-layered double hydroxide/graphene oxide-multi wall carbon nanotube modified …
B Rezaei, H Khosropour, AA Ensafi, M Dinari, A Nabiyan
RSC advances 5 (92), 75756-75765, 2015
Ni3S2/ball-milled silicon flour as a bi-functional electrocatalyst for hydrogen and oxygen evolution reactions
AA Ensafi, M Jafari-Asl, A Nabiyan, B Rezaei
Energy 116, 392-401, 2016
Production of NiAl-layered double hydroxide intercalated with bio-safe amino acid containing organic dianion and its utilization in formation of LDH/poly (amide-imide …
S Mallakpour, M Dinari, A Nabiyan
Journal of Polymer Research 22 (2), 11, 2015
Galvanic exchange at layered doubled hydroxide/N-doped graphene as an in-situ method to fabricate powerful electrocatalysts for hydrogen evolution reaction
AA Ensafi, A Nabiyan, M Jafari-Asl, M Dinari, H Farrokhpour, B Rezaei
Energy 116, 1087-1096, 2016
Organo-modified mesoporous carbon FDU-15 as new nanofiller for the preparation of nanocomposite materials based on nylon-6
M Dinari, G Mohammadnezhad, A Nabiyan
Colloid and Polymer Science 293 (5), 1569-1575, 2015
Preparation and characterization of nanocomposite materials based on polyamide‐6 and modified ordered mesoporous silica KIT‐6
M Dinari, G Mohammadnezhad, A Nabiyan
Journal of Applied Polymer Science 133 (10), 2016
Polybenzimidazole and polybenzimidazole/MoS 2 hybrids as an active nitrogen sites: hydrogen generation application
M Dinari, A Nabiyan, AA Ensafi, M Jafari-Asl
RSC advances 5 (122), 100996-101005, 2015
Citric acid‐modified layered double hydroxides as a green reinforcing agent for improving thermal and mechanical properties of poly (vinyl alcohol)‐based nanocomposite films
M Dinari, A Nabiyan
Polymer Composites 38, E128-E136, 2017
High Surface Area Nano‐Boehmite as Effective Nano‐Filler for Preparation of Boehmite‐Polyamide‐6 Nanocomposites
G Mohammadnezhad, M Dinari, A Nabiyan
Advances in Polymer Technology 37 (4), 1221-1228, 2018
Preparation of three-dimensional ruthenium oxide@ graphene oxide based on etching of Ni-Al/layered double hydroxides: application for electrochemical hydrogen generation
AA Ensafi, M Jafari-Asl, A Nabiyan, B Rezaei
Journal of The Electrochemical Society 163 (7), H610, 2016
Study the role of poly (diethyl aminoethyl methacrylate) as a modified and grafted shell for TiO2 and ZnO nanoparticles, application in flutamide delivery
AA Ensafi, E Khoddami, A Nabiyan, B Rezaei
Reactive and Functional Polymers 116, 1-8, 2017
A facile and simple synthetic strategy for the preparation of modified NiAl-layered double hydroxide as nanofiller for L-phenylalanine containing poly (amide-imide) s based …
S Mallakpour, M Dinari, A Nabiyan
Designed Monomers and Polymers 18 (6), 550-556, 2015
Crystallization vs Metal Chelation: Solution Self-Assembly of Dual Responsive Block Copolymers
A Nabiyan, P Biehl, FH Schacher
Macromolecules 53 (13), 5056-5067, 2020
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